Thursday, October 22, 2020

Preventing Forest Fires

I don’t see too many people debating the issue. This means that the issue does not advance leftist propaganda-- in particular, the propaganda claiming that the fires that are destroying the forests of the west coast were caused by global warming or climate change.

In truth, as Alicia Victoria Lozano explains in this NBC News report, forest mismanagement caused the fires. (Via Pirate’s Cove and Maggie’s Farm).

Lozano pays necessary lip service to the dogma of climate change, but she exposes the real cause-- government agencies have been more concerned with putting out fires and less concerned with reducing the dry tinder and trees that accumulate across the states. 

For decades, federal, state and local agencies have prioritized fire suppression over prevention, pouring billions of dollars into hiring and training firefighters, buying and maintaining firefighting equipment and educating the public on fire safety.

But as climate change continues to fuel dry conditions in the American West, many experts say it’s long past time to shift the focus back to managing healthy forests that can better withstand fire and add to a more sustainable future.

So, fires are a natural phenomenon. They are Mother Nature's way of correcting human error. Especially the human stupidity that causes people to believe that they can prevent forest fires by leaving pristine forests alone, and, by the way, by exhaling less.

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Sam L. said...

YEP! The STUPID is STRONG in these states. Especially on the left.