Thursday, October 1, 2020

Who Are the Proud Boys?

Do the math.

Black Lives Matter protests have led to rioting that has caused around a billion dollars in damage. The rioters have destroyed minority neighborhoods. They have looted minority businesses. They have firebombed minority enterprises. They have scared off or defunded the police, thereby causing a spike in violent crime against minorities. In their spasm of destruction they have engaged the fascistic group called Antifa. The goal is to destroy America, beginning with those who are most vulnerable.

Given this incontrovertible evidence, our bien pensant intellectual elites, led by Chris Wallace and Nicholas Kristof, have declared that our biggest problem is-- white supremacists. Especially a group that no one has heard of-- the Proud Boys. 

The last we heard the Proud Boys called for a rally in downtown Portland last weekend-- and caught the attention of Oregon’s weak-kneed governor Kate Brown. Having joined with Portland’s pathetic mayor, Tim Wheeler, in crawling under her desk and failing to stop the months of rioting in the city, Brown finally found a reason to wo-man the barricades. 

As it happened, the Proud Boys could not even collect a minion last weekend. Their awesome power, required by those who want to blame all of the Black Lives Matter riots on white people, especially on white police officers, turned out to be an illusion.

So now, no one wants to ask Joe Biden whether he supports Black Lives Matter but our deep thinkers are up in arms over the fact that President Trump refused to offer up a sufficiently vigorous denunciation of a fringe group-- a group that has had no responsibility for America’s current civic unrest.

It’s getting more and more pathetic by the day.

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Sam L. said...

Not only WHO, but also WHAT? The Left's BUGABOO. Apparently, they're not big on setting fires and rioting, having not heard accusations of that.