Monday, October 26, 2020

#JewsforTrump Rally Attacked

Yesterday, a group called Jews for Trump rallied in New York City. The result, as you might have expected, was that Black Lives Matter protesters attack them violently.

Of course, it’s all about the rhetoric. The New York Times plays down the fact that one group was attacking the other. It tries to pretend that both groups were equally involved in the attacks. According to the Times, skirmishes occurred.

Seven people were arrested during skirmishes between opposing sides in Manhattan, where Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer and the city’s former mayor, encountered protesters targeting a caravan of cars organized by a group that identifies itself as Jews for Trump.

Compare and contrast with The Daily Mail’s more vivid description of what happened:

A massive #JewsForTrump convoy in Manhattan descended into chaos as anti-Trump protesters began vandalizing cars and brawling with MAGA fans in Times Square.

Videos showed the protesters ripping flags off of cars in the convoy and throwing red paint and punches as they faced off with President Donald Trump's supporters on Sunday afternoon.  

Police were seen arresting at least four people as brawls broke out between the dueling groups when the convoy reached the heart of Manhattan.  

Vandalism, throwing punches, flinging red paint, ripping flags off of cars, brawling-- non-violence in action.

I report. You decide.


Sam L. said...

I would only peacefully shoot the attackers, had I been there, and had a firearm, but I was NOT there...

Sam L. said...

I forgot to say, Why am I not surprised.