Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Biden Agenda-- Unimaginable Cruelty

When it comes to the issue of mutilating children, Joe Biden is all for it. If a small child decides that he or she wants to change sex-- because it would be more convenient-- Joe Biden would happily support him or her. 

So, today’s Democratic party leader supports human sacrifice. Were it not for Hunter Biden’s emails and the obvious corruption they evidence, people might be talking about this. Of course, they are not.

The media has gone to def-con 1 in its effort to destroy Trump, by any means necessary. Anyone who gets in its way will be destroyed. 

Emily Jashinsky has the story at The Federalist. She opines on some remarks that Camille Paglia made in 2016, to the effect that Hillary lost the election when the Obama administration started promoting transgender bathrooms in public schools. It came about through a Department of Education edict.

And then, Jashinsky asks whether Joe Biden’s embrace of the transgender aganda will doom his candidacy:

Fast-forward to Thursday night, when Joe Biden rambled into an unsettling answer when asked about transgender discrimination during an ABC News town hall. I immediately thought back to Paglia’s statement. “The idea that an eight-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, you know I decided, ‘I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.’ There should be zero discrimination,” Biden insisted.

That appears to be the potential president of the United States endorsing the notion that an eight-year-old can decide her biological sex is inconsistent with her perceived gender identity, and must be treated as such legally and socially. Biden also supports the Equality Act which, in accordance with Paglia’s theory, is so radical that conservatives are literally running ads tying him and other Democrats to the legislation.

It is an astonishing statement, offered up by a man who is obviously suffering from dementia. It is most astonishing because it suggests that transgenderism is a choice, a decision, even a convenience. 

I suspect that transgender activists do not embrace this position. By their lights, transgenderism is a higher truth, a reality, that a child might feel obligated to embrace. Saying that one is really of a different sex is not the same as saying that one has decided that it is what someone would like to be.

By Biden’s dim lights a child can be mutilated because he would like to be different. Or else, what if a girl believes that the nation is so thoroughly misogynistic that it would be better for her, for her career prospects, if she were male?

Ironically, at a time when the social contagion of transgenderism is sweeping through American schools, Biden has exposed the truth-- that it is not reality that imposes itself despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, but is a choice, an option, a decision.

Biden will also reinstate the directive on transgender bathrooms, and presumably locker rooms. After all, teenage girls certainly want to see male bodies in the shower room.

This policy will return immediately in a Biden administration. The former veep pledges to reinstate the directive “on his first day in office,” according to his campaign website. The implications for schools go beyond bathrooms, but will also surely impact curriculum and sports.

Prohibited discrimination, in line with the Title IX directive, would involve any treatment whatsoever of an eight-year-old that is inconsistent with his perceived gender identity. That is dangerous and confusing but also invites major messes into our schools, which had largely been in session under the previous guidance for only a few months until Obama’s lame-duck term set in.

And of course, the Biden administration will reinstate campus kangaroo courts, which allow young women to accuse young men of sexual assault or harassment, and which do not allow the young men due process rights to defend themselves. These procedures have been widely overturned by federal courts, but that will surely not stop the zealots in a Biden administration from bringing them back. Naturally, no one cares about the damage done to falsely accused young men.

Jashinsky continues:

Biden also pledges to put a “quick end” to the Title IX guidelines on campus sexual assault issued by Education Secretary Betsy Devos, which cleaned up the disastrous and widely panned guidelines issued by the Obama administration. If Biden were to replace Devos’s policy with the Obama-era policy, which he ardently supported, campuses would be thrust once more into chaos, and students would again be at risk of losing due process rights.

Devos’s Education Department supports school choice, and has rolled back a host of Obama-era policies Biden is almost certain to resurrect. Biden, for instance, opposes voucher programs.

Jashinsky refers us to Abigail Shrier’s great book, Irreversible Damage, which calls out the madness of the transgender movement:

Given the alarming trends Shrier and others have documented, which involve adults promoting and prescribing to teenagers drugs that cause irreversible changes, Biden’s ideological and policy positions on transgenderism would likely result in many harmful and highly consequential actions from his Education Department. Campus kangaroo courts would return, and more innocent students would be hurt by them.

Shrier emphasizes the word “irreversible” because the damage done to the human body by these treatments is permanent.

Considering that we know, from serious scientific research, that the great majority of children who think that they are transgendered eventually change their minds, the policy represents human sacrifice, an unimaginable cruelty.


Sam L. said...

I can see that parents might well decide to home-school their children...

21st Century Boy said...

Points lost for every time you quote The Federalist, Zero Hedge, or any other right-wing, top heavy, ad laden junk bin. Especially when addressing sensitive subjects such as transgender rights.

Sam L. said...

Biden fan, 21CB?????