Saturday, October 9, 2021

Andrew Sullivan against the Trans Movement

A comedian by name of Dave Chappelle has offered up a Netflix special where he takes out after trans activists. Apparently, he does so with wit and great humor. Unsurprisingly, he has apparently poked a hornet’s nest of outrage and vilification. As you know, certain things are no longer allowed, even in impolite conversation.

We have often reported on the madness of the transgender movement, and especially on its effort to shut down any and all speech that would contradict the beliefs of activists. To the best of anyone’s understanding, being trans means holding a belief, one that contradicts biological reality. All chromosomes in the human body are either XX or XY. Changing your mind about which gender you are has no impact whatever non your chromosomal structure.

Anyway, Andrew Sullivan has rushed to defend Chappelle. By the by, he takes out after transgender madness. Since he is notably gay himself, Sullivan has the right to say things that some of the rest of us would hesitate before saying.

So, he opens with a riff about self-deprecating humor:

Chappelle’s final Netflix special, “The Closer,” is a classic. Far from being outdated, it’s slightly ahead of its time, as the pushback against wokeness gains traction. It is extremely funny, a bit meta, monumentally mischievous, and I sat with another homo through the whole thing, stoned, laughing our asses off — especially when he made fun of us. The way the elite media portrays us, you’d think every member of the BLT community is so fragile we cannot laugh at ourselves. It doesn’t occur to them that, for many of us, Chappelle is a breath of honest air, doing what every comic should do: take aim at every suffocating piety of the powers that be — including the increasingly weird 2SLGBTQQIA+ mafia — and detonating them all.

The Closer is, in fact, a humanely brilliant indictment of elite culture at this moment in time: a brutal exposure of its identitarian monomania, its denial of reality, and its ruthless tactics of personal and public destruction. It marks a real moment: a punching up against the powerful, especially those who pretend they aren’t.

He continues:

And, through the jokes, that’s what Chappelle is celebrating: the individual human, never defined entirely by any single “identity,” or any “intersectional” variant thereof. An individual with enough agency to be able to laugh at herself, at others, at the world, an individual acutely aware of the tension between body and soul, feelings and facts, in a trans life, as well as other kinds of life. Assuming that marginalized people cannot tolerate humor at their own expense is as dehumanizing as assuming they have no agency in their lives. It is a form of bigotry — of the left.

The issue involves whether a group of fanatics can impose its will on everyone else, and can force everyone else to say and to believe things that are patently false.

The debate, rather, is about whether a tiny group of fanatics, empowered by every major cultural institution, can compel or emotionally blackmail other people into saying things that are not true. 

To give us a sense of what Chappelle is being attacked for, Sullivan quotes one of the comic’s riffs:

Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact. Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those pussies that they got … you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s Beyond Pussy or Impossible Pussy. It tastes like pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood, that’s beet juice.

And, of course, the pretense that a castrated male with a simulated vagina taking female hormones is really a woman strains credulity. But, it is also, Sullivan says, an instance of gross misogyny, reducing womanhood to a caricature.

This means that the debate is no longer about 0.2 percent of humanity. It’s about imposing an anti-scientific falsehood on 99.8 percent of humanity. It means that we have to strip all women of their unique biological experience, to deny any physical differences between men and women in sports, to tell all boys and girls that they can choose their sex, to erase any places reserved exclusively for biological women, like shelters for those who have been abused by men, and to come up with terms like “pregnant people” to describe mothers. Yes — mothers. The misogyny buried in this is gob-smacking. Is Mothers’ Day next for the trans chopping block?

The exercise in mind control is designed to erase reality, especially biological reality and to force everyone to say that there is no real difference between men and women:

It’s an assault on science; it’s an assault on reality; it’s an attempt not to defend trans people but to cynically use them as pawns in a broader effort to dismantle the concept of binary sex altogether, to remove any distinctions between men and women, so that a gender-free utopia/dystopia can be forced into being.

Of course, it is totalitarian:

The weapons deployed in pursuit of this fantasy are those that are always used by those seeking to impose utopia on free people: the brutal hounding of dissent, the capture and control of every single cultural institution, the indoctrination of the young, cancellations, bullying. The costs are mounting. Across the West, people are being fired, targeted, prosecuted, even jailed, for stating biological facts. Children are being medicated with off-label drugs — “puberty blockers” — that can permanently sterilize them, arrest their neurological and mental development, and deprive them of the ability as adults to experience an orgasm.

And, of course, the trans movement is at war with both reality and with science:

The trans movement is now, tragically, the vanguard of the postmodern left’s goal of dismantling science itself because they believe that science is, in fact, merely an instrument of “white supremacy.”

Obviously, it is also at war with human intelligence. How stupid does anyone have to be to believe this stuff? Unless people say that they believe it because they are afraid.


Anonymous said...

Not EVERYTHING is XX or XY. Please look up Klinefelter syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Not EVERY comedian attempts to make his humor encompass all the edge cases.

Sam L. said...

"Mr T." said this, and this is a good time to say it again: "I pity da fool."

n.n said...

Sex is male and female correlated with X and Y chromosomes. Gender is sex-correlated physical and mental attributes (e.g. phenotypes). Trans is a state or process of divergence from normal (e.g. distribution). There is no cause to normalize edge cases in the transgender spectrum. There is also no cause to reject them, although transgender conversion therapy (i.e. surgical, medical, and psychiatric corruption) belong in planned parent/hood along with the other tools and methods of social progress. It is reasonable to tolerate transgenders, trans-socials, etc. and other divergent intrinsic and chosen behaviors that are not a risk to human and social fitness.

That said, the Twilight faith (and Twilight Amendment), Pro-Choice religion, and liberal (i.e. divergent) ideology, deny women and men's dignity and agency, and reduce human life to a negotiable asset for the sake of political congruence ("=") or leverage in the pursuit of capital and control.

Whether it's diversity [dogma], political congruence, em-pathy, or the Pro-choice religion, throw another baby on the barbie, it's over. One step forward, two steps backward.

Anonymous said...

It is truly sad if you truly have not heard Dave Chapelle.
Here he does some bits that are truly wonderful: