Sunday, October 31, 2021

The British Police Ban Dick Jokes

At times it feels as though the authorities in Great Britain are trying to outstupid our own civil authorities. This is especially the case when they all rise up in righteous outrage over some linguistic offense. That is, against a thought crime.

In America, the left wing commentariat has thrown a hissy fit because an airline pilot, launched the totally offensive locution-- Let’s Go Brandon-- over his plane’s loudspeaker system. 

One does not imagine how the Republic can stand when pilots are allowed to get away with saying such things. What would have happened if he had piously intoned-- Fuck Joe Biden-- as fans of football games and Nascar races have been doing? Why, before you finished your morning coffee, he would have been denounced as a Nazi and convicted of genocide.

Anyway, the issue in Great Britain involved a murder. A police officer by name of Wayne Couzens raped and murdered a woman named Sarah Everard. For his crime, he has been convicted and will spend the rest of his life in jail. 

But, that is not good enough for the head of the Police Federation, a man named John Apter. He called for the outright banning of sexually offensive language.

Police need to call time on elements of canteen culture where 'sexist nicknames and derogatory remarks are made', the National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales said.

John Apter, head of the organisation which represents more than 130,000 officers from the rank of constable to chief inspector, wrote in the Sunday Times of the need for culture change in the wake of the Sarah Everard murder.

Wayne Couzens, who was a serving Metropolitan police officer, was handed a whole-life tariff in September after kidnapping, raping and murdering the 33-year-old Ms Everard.

Mr Apter said the 'horrific' murder had impacted the public's relationship with the police, writing: 'It's not enough to just say that this was the action of one evil man who deserves to rot in jail.'

It’s the culture, stupid. It’s the white supremacist culture, made manifest in derogatory terms, that caused the crime.

Before you know it, the police federation will ban any officer from calling the Metropolitan London Police Commissioner by her name. That name is: Cressida Dick. No more dick jokes, please.

And yet, if we look a bit beyond London, we will recall that constables in Rotherham allowed Muslim grooming gangs to rape and to sex traffic high school girls with impunity, for years. The constables knew what was happening. They knew who was doing it. But, they let it happen because they did not want to be accused of being racist. Right. It’s called human sacrifice, sacrificing girls on the altar of wokeness. Dare I mention that British feminists had nothing to say about this.

Now, if we want to be more serious than the authorities in Britain and America, we should ask ourselves whether certain people belonging to certain groups are more likely to engage in rape. If we did we would discover that these groups are not necessarily those who exchange the most dick jokes. These groups, notably in Sweden and other parts of Western Europe, turn out to belong to one specific ethnic group. They are invariably Muslim migrants.

In the meantime, consider this. Two weeks ago a conservative member of Parliament, Sir David Amess was murdered in public by a Muslim terrorist.

And yet, as Brendan O’Neill points out on Spiked, the British nation is fully engaged in covering up the fact that this was an act of Islamist terror:

We seem to be witnessing the cranking into action of the Islamist terror amnesia industry. This is the means through which, subtly and sometimes imperceptibly, memorialisation of lives lost to suspected Islamist terror is discouraged. Where the politics is drained from such outrages and we are pressured to view them less as violent expressions of a particular ideology and more as sad, unpleasant events. As occasions for grief, not anger; for fleeting reflection, not societal interrogation. This happens after every suspected Islamist attack. The elite’s fear of what would happen if we had an honest, collective confrontation with the problem of radical Islam comes to outweigh everything else, even the act of remembering.’

Feel free to read the rest at your leisure. The point is clear-- some crimes are taken to reflect on a community and its culture, while some are not. As of now, given the dominant narrative, crimes committed in England by Muslims are taken to be revolts against injustice, while anything a white person does wrong is taken to be incontrovertible evidence of a white supremacist conspiracy. 

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Sam L. said...

If the Brits could figure out a way to STAND UP and say WE WILL NOT (NOT, no way, no how) put up with this any more... well, there may still be an ENGLAND.