Thursday, October 7, 2021

Antony Blinken Does Paris

For all its Francophilia the Biden presidency has not been a great success in France. To say the least. Of course, stabbing France in the back over a submarine deal did not help things. Now, our hapless Secretary of State, a man that John McCain warned us against, had to travel to France to try to mend a relationship that the Biden administration had damaged. 

As you know, and as a sidelight, our absurd climate ambassador, one John Kerry said that Biden had not been aware of the fact that his submarine deal with Australia would discomfit the French at the level it has. Naturally, administration flack Jen Psaki denied the point, but, considering Biden’s cognitive impairment, one suspects that Kerry was speaking the truth.

Anyway, Blinken held a press conference in Paris, and, to his great misfortune, he had to face a journalist named Anne-Sophie Lapix. She was considerably less flaccid than the average American journalist. She called out Blinken over his absurd efforts to spin the debacle of Afghanistan as a positive. She was not cowed by the presence of our inept Secretary of State. She called a failure what it was, a failure.

The Daily Caller reports:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was questioned as to how the Biden administration could call the withdrawal from Afghanistan a success while sitting for an interview on Tuesday during his visit to Paris.

“This withdrawal took place in chaos. We all remember the images of thousands of Afghans trying to get on planes to escape the Taliban,” France 2 TV journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix said, according to a State Department readout of the interview.

“And yet President Biden spoke of success, of an extraordinary operation. Is there a misunderstanding?” she asked, appearing baffled.

Blinken responded that the U.S. mission in Afghanistan to “bring justice to those who attacked us and ensure that this could not happen to us again,” had been accomplished years ago.

“Mission accomplished?” Lapix asked. “But the Taliban have regained power. You left your weapons. We saw the Taliban dressed as GIs from head to toe, and we heard American veterans screaming in anger.”

Vive la France!

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Sam L. said...

Biden is befuddled, and Blinken is flat out lying. Democrats do that. I trust them NOT.