Saturday, October 2, 2021

Sen. Susan Collins Opposes the Biden Agenda

This morning’s Wall Street Journal shares an excerpt from a speech Sen. Susan Collins delivered in the Senate on Sept. 28.

She rose to explain her opposition to the Biden legislative agenda. At a time when more and more people believe that shouting and preening constitutes politics, it is good to hear a senator offer a cogent analysis of the problems with the Biden agenda:

Rather, it is creating entitlement programs untethered to work that would fundamentally change incentives for our families, our communities, our society, and our economy, depriving people of their dignity and eroding their ability to provide for themselves and their families. Absent a pandemic or other crisis, Washington should not simply write monthly checks, creating dependency among those who could have a better life. The federal government’s obligation is not fulfilled by simply sending a check, washing its hands of any responsibility to actually help people achieve self-sufficiency.

She continued:

It appears that this Administration is moving toward the left’s proposal for a guaranteed minimum income regardless of one’s ability to work. Never forget that the first version of the Green New Deal included a guaranteed income for those “unable or unwilling to work.” Mr. President, we must not go down that path.

We will not build a more prosperous, just, and equitable society characterized by opportunity, dignity, and meaning just by issuing government checks. The time-tested way to achieve those goals for American families is by supporting and rewarding work. It is by recognizing the dignity of work. And that is the tradition that we must continue to embrace.

Cue the applause.


370H55V said...

Finally sounding like the Republican she's been claiming to be all these years. I must say I gained a great deal of respect for her since her defense of Brett Kavanagh against the mob.

What's particularly impressive is that she was just re-elected last year (probably for her last term), so she has no particular reason to tack left anyway.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I too gained a great deal of respect for her when she defended Kavanaugh with a clear and cogent deliberative speech.

Sam L. said...


Anonymous said...

"We aren't being lied to...we're being played."

Collins RINO behavior has been common knowledge for some time...

After basically no-one, save Wendy Rogers and a few stalwarts in AZ stood up to the Globalist election theft and the total collapse of SCJ Chief John Roberts to allowing ANY Supreme Court hearing on evidence of election fraud, I'm embarrassed that any of you take the US Govt and/or US Congress seriously.

I took my son to a museum today, and there was a poster extolling an all-female group re- enacting a play about the suffragette movement.

I had to shake my head in light of what I've read about the vote-rigging machinations and skulduggery involving Symatic, Scytl and Dominion in putting this Kabuki-class of human(?) actors into decision making roles over the lives of the American people.

Joe Biden as "Commande in Chief"? The man cant organize his own butt-wiping let alone an ice cream social.

" the truth, seen too late."

"We aren't being lied to...were being played."