Friday, October 8, 2021

Biden's Cowardice on Display

You know and I know that the Biden administration Afghanistan debacle will soon be forgotten. Your media overlords have proclaimed it. Better than consider the abject cowardice of the Biden administration or the horrors that the Taliban are visiting on the people of Afghanistan, the media is getting ready to report on FBI raids on suburban mothers who dispute critical race theory. 

I noted yesterday a French journalist who refused to accept Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s efforts to spin Biden’s failure. Not to be outdone, a courageous American journalist Sharyl Attkisson has kept the story alive, by informing us that the debacle was even worse than we had imagined. 

It was, dare we say, a portrait in abject cowardice. Afghans who worked with America are now going to be targeted for execution. How will the Taliban know who to target? Why, the American state department, run by one Antony Blinken, left the information behind when it cut and ran.

Attkisson reports:

As the capital of Kabul descended into chaos, the CIA managed to destroy all sensitive materials at its compound at the Ariana hotel prior to departing.

Operatives reportedly deployed the “vulcan fire,” option, a multi-stage thermocorrosive chemical destroyer, to obliterate anything that the U.S. did not want to fall into the enemy’s hands.

However, important and sensitive material was left behind a short distance away at the U.S. embassy. 

That included decades of biometrics information collected about Afghans who assisted the American effort: fingerprints, facial recognition data, and information on their social media.

The biometrics files were quickly collected by the Islamic extremist Taliban.

What did the Taliban do with it?

According to information, the Taliban sent spoof emails, pretending that the emails were generated by the U.S. State Department, instructing the Afghans to report to “safe houses.”

When the Afghans arrived at the fake “safe houses,” the Taliban executed them.

And, of course, Biden himself was so unwilling to take any risks-- he just wanted to surrender as quickly as possible-- that he rejected plans for an evacuation of noncombatants:

Another problem raised is that sources say they were told President Biden refused to allow declaration of a noncombatant evacuation operation (NEO). Such a designation, widely expected by those on the ground as Afghanistan fell, would have triggered a specific military and special operations response with an adequate number of U.S. troops heading to Kabul to assist in evacuations.

For example, 10,000 NEO troops, including U.S. forces from Kuwait, could have descended quickly upon Kabul. Some would have parachuted into Bagram air field, if allowed, to secure it and use it for evacuations.

But President Biden reportedly did not want that number of U.S. troops to go to the country even to help safely get Americans and Afghan allies out.

By not declaring a NEO, the military was reportedly limited to working with what it had and was unable to mount the necessary, by-the-book response.

What did our allies think of the operation? Attkisson reports:

In the wake of the scandal, operators in other countries that assist the U.S. are said to be worried and skeptical. 

“The [CIA] Director came to Afghanistan for talks with two of the top ten Most Wanted Taliban that we tried to kill for the past 20 years,” says one. “Other countries are asking, ‘Why would we help you?’”

That includes Kurds asked to help the U.S. in Northern Iraq. “Are we going to be like Afghanistan?” one source says the Kurds are asking.

As a result, Iran and Russia are able to get a new foothold in places where they’d been kept at bay.

It’s fair to say that it was even worse, even more cowardly, than we had imagined. Trust me, in a short period of time, no one will be talking about it.


markedup2 said...

You mean just as no one talks about Hanoi Jane? I wasn't even born then and I'm aware of her.

The media may bury it, but veterans - and there are an astonishing number of them - do not forget. Neither do our "allies". Even before this, I, as a native, wouldn't have worked with Americans. We are horribly untrustworthy. See Ukraine, nuclear weapons.

Ares Olympus said...

Information from "a source" doesn't inspire confidence. When you read news from our "media overlords" that at least means sources need to be checked and verified, and reporters will be fired for failing basic standards. When you read a BLOG like, it just needs to be "sourced" sufficient to the readers of the blog who are likely people who want to believe anything said.

Afghanistan was a mess, is a mess, and would still be a mess if Biden hadn't followed through with an agreed withdrawal agreement that was made by Trump and Pompeo.

The difference between now and the alt-reality where a reelected Trump decided to not withdraw is we now know the 20 year government and army we helped propped up was just a pretend government.

Keeping one's word is not cowardice. It is honor. Biden kept his word. The fake government of Afghanistan did not. We should all morn for the people of Afghanistan.

They deserve better, but now it is their task to discover what bravery looks like, including a willingness to die to stand up to brutes.

Sam L. said...

I distrust all "Democrats" and consider "Progressives" as a cancer. Many of us know Cancer as "progressive"...