Sunday, October 24, 2021

Celebrating International Pronouns Day

A commenter on my last post suggested that I was becoming a tad pessimistic. The point was well taken, and worth making. Finding cause for optimism in today's America has become an increasingly daunting task. 

Our declining nation is infested by wokeism, to the point that nations around the world believe that our best days are behind us. When France, in the person both of its leading left-leaning politicians and its storied intelligentsia, thinks that we have lost our collective minds, well then, perhaps we have.

Foreign countries, especially our allies, have a vested interest in evaluating our current conditions, beginning with our state of mind. If they see us on a fast road to decline they are going to reconsider their alliances.

Anyway, the Blinken State Department, led by a man that John McCain thought was a threat to everything we hold dear,  has been trying to find something that would restore American greatness and allow the nation to command international respect.

Please note that Binken’s No. 2. Wendy Sherman has a distinguished record in negotiating nuclear weapons acquisition. She was part of the team that negotiated the deal that gave North Korea access to nuclear bombs and was part of the team that negotiated the deal that gave Iran eventual right to nuclear weapons. Tell me that you do not find that record something worth celebrating.

So, it has found something to celebrate: International Pronouns Day. These people have completely lost their minds. Don’t believe me? Witness the story, as told by the New York Post:

The US State Department was widely mocked on social media Wednesday after tweeting about “International Pronouns Day” and sharing a link to an article that detailed why many people on social media share their pronouns to help others avoid “accidentally assuming an incorrect gender based on a name or an appearance.”

“Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles. Read more here on @ShareAmerica,” the department’s official Twitter account posted, linking to a July blog post by Share America.

Because the one thing you were worrying about in your everyday life is the chance that you might misgender someone by using the wrong pronouns. After all, in our latest piece of gender-based confusion, when people who undergo biochemical and surgical mutilation, and who are poisoning their bodies with cross sex hormones, feel miserable, they convince themselves that the reason is-- someone called them by the wrong pronouns. Eeks.

Nations around the world are laughing at us. Thanks be to Antony Blinken. Of course, those who understood the foolishness of this exercise ridiculed the enterprise. 

Critics took to social media to mock the post, with many accusing the department of prioritizing “International Pronouns Day” over foreign policy.

“If I’m Xi Jinping, I take one look at that tweet and then invade Taiwan… At this rate we should probably just go ahead and learn how to write our pronouns in Mandarin. Oh yea, btw, what were the pronouns of all the Americans you abandoned to the Taliban?” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, referring to the chaotic US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan where US forces were unable to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies from the country before the withdrawal deadline.

“This is what they were likely focused on while leaving Americans behind to fend for themselves against terrorists in Afghanistan. Screw They/Them,” he added in a separate tweet.

Rep. Ronny Jackson summed it up nicely in a tweet:

“China successfully tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, Afghanistan is now a terror super-state, Central American countries are sending a FLOOD of migrants to our border, and THIS is what the State Department prioritizes!? What is WRONG with these people???” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tx) tweeted.

Think about it this way-- what other language lends itself to this depravity? Do you really think that other nations around the world are going to go despotic and mess with language-- a losing game in all cases-- in order to pretend to be enlightened and woke.


Anonymous said...

International Pronouns Day. "Stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones" Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Sam L. said...

I will NOT support "International Pronouns Day". I have a few bulls to provide me with something to "send" to these fools.

Sam L. said...

I don't have "PRO-nouns"; I do have CON-nouns, though...
And then there's "YOU and the slime you slithered in on..."

JPL17 said...

Stuart, if anything, you're not pessimistic enough.

Eric said...

But hey, no more mean tweets!