Sunday, December 27, 2009

Behavioral Economics

For those of you who are interested in the latest and most interesting research in psychology, I have just added a link to a blog called Simoleon Sense. As we know much of the most interesting research into psychological motivation is coming from the intersection of economics and cognitive neuroscience.

The brainchild of Miguel Barbosa, Simioleon Sense offers links to important academic papers in the field of behavioral economics, mixed with some current columns on finance.

I myself was struck to read a report suggesting that social rejection really does cause physical pain. Link here. Since social rejection and isolation have everything to do with depression and general states of demoralization, it is valuable for us all to understand that when depressed people say that they are feeling pain, that they not using a metaphor. Severe depression really does hurt.

Or else, here is a link to an article by George Loewenstein about the visceral, or appetitive influences on behavior. Link here.

Or, this older paper by Loewenstein on the role of emotions in economic theory or behavior. Link here.

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Phil Ordway said...

Dear Mr. Schneiderman,

Thank you for kindly linking to SimoleonSense. I'm happy to see that you enjoy our posts. Also, I'll have to take a look at your book sounds like a fun read.

Happy Holidays & New Year,
Miguel barbosa
Founder of

P.S. If you find yourself in Chicago let me know I'll gladly take you to drinks.