Friday, December 18, 2009

What Do Women Really Want?

I suspect that the problem lay more with Freud than with women, but the Viennese neurologist once sighed deeply and uttered a question that kept puzzling him: What do women want?

Now, the London Telegraph clarifies this and several other issues by offering a specific and concrete answer: shoes! Link here.

When Carrie Bradshaw expressed her undying devotion to her collection of Manolo Blahnick shoes, she was not kidding.

According to the Telegraph women remember the first pair of shoes they purchased better than they remember their first kiss.

From which it might be reasonable to assume that their heart's true desire lay more in the shoes than the kiss?

Otherwise, we would be forced to say that the male of the species, forced to compete for a woman's affections against a nice pair of pumps, comes in a distant second.

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