Friday, July 1, 2011

Liberal Policies: A Road to Ruin?

Today Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article on the failure of contemporary liberalism. Entitled “Liberal Frankensteins”  it shows how liberal policies are not just failing in America, but how they are causing Europe to unravel.

Here are a couple of choice paragraphs about what liberal policies have done to the American educational system. Among the causes of educational decline is the trendy leftist notion that education should be a therapeutic experience:

“Back home, we have suffered through decades of declining test scores and rising teachers’ salaries, and we now have a trillion dollars in college loan debt, more remediation for incoming college freshmen, weaker skills apparent in graduating college seniors, an omnipresent -studies curriculum, and a new national dialogue over whether college is even worth it — not just in terms of whether college degrees raise salaries sufficiently to justify huge loans, but whether the new therapeutic race, class, and gender curriculum is antithetical to classical liberal arts with their emphasis on reading, written expression, math, and science.

“Modern university education has achieved the dubious result of turning out a self-described sensitive, caring mind that has never been more ignorant of the past and the present. The modern therapeutic university has managed all at once, with its various “centers,” reduced teaching loads, empty faculty research, and legions of new administrators, to put tuition costs beyond the reach of most Americans, to spark an entire new competing industry of no-frills, private, for-profit certificate-granting trade schools, and to end the old idea that a student’s B.A. degree was synonymous with competency or a faculty member’s Ph.D. with wisdom.”

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