Sunday, August 7, 2016

Meeting Hillary

Eric Bonner used to train K9s for the American military. In the course of his service he has met a number of presidents. He even met one of the current presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton. When she was Secretary of State.

Recently, he posted the reason why he is not voting for Hillary on Facebook. I found it in Gateway Pundit.

As the old saying goes, character counts. And you see someone’s character as, if not more clearly in an everyday incident than you do in a crisis.

Bonner wrote:

I’m not Voting for Clinton.

It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn’t even matter about all the laws she broke.

It’s because She actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence. But first, some background.

Being a K9 handler in the Military I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors. Mostly Generals, DOD Officials, and Secretaries of Defense. I was lucky enough to pull two awesome details.

George W Bush, and Obama.

GW looked at me, said “Man, who’d you piss off” high fived me, and continued on. I was climbing down from a catwalk I stood on for 4 hours with nothing but Dust and a radio to keep me company. The radio died early on. It was pretty sweet.

Obama, as he was walking out to his plane in Turkey, said “What the hell kind of dog is that?!” In reference to Suli.

One of my Last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever reason. I helped with sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me? “Get that Fucking dog away from me.” Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes while I sit there waiting to be released she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over apologizes and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words “Happens every day, Brother”


Dennis said...

Anyone who has spent time in and around the federal government knows this is not unusual for Hillary. Only one example of the arrogance of power exhibited by Queen Hillary. Ask some of the former Secret Service people that are willing to talk.

Scullman said...

She'll be slamming a lot more than doors come November 8th around 11:30PM.

Ares Olympus said...

You skipped the end of Eric Bonner's FB post:
"Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary."

The phrase "doesn't care" fascinates me, perhaps because its the standard phase that women use in relationships to try to get attention and get their point of view heard.

And in this case we're told not only doesn't she care about dogs, or K9 trainers, but no one. It does make sense that a dog lover would feel insulted when his dog is insulted, and project that wider, and yes, especially if he had confirmation that she was abusive towards others as well.

We could compare to Corey Lewandowski's rough treatment of Michelle Fields, rough enough that she expected an apology and didn't get it, and attempted to get assault charges against Corey, but the charges were cleared, and now we know physically coralling people who are in the way is fair game near a candidate for president. Don't play football, if you don't want to get tackled, right?

Saying "Get that Fucking dog away from me." is rude, just like pulling someone back when they're not expected it is rude, and perhaps some women will vote against Trump specifically because of his manager's rough actions.

Myself, I think life works better when you try to not take things personally, but I know there are limits to that approach. And I admit somtimes its the aggressive people who are best at NOT taking things personally, and they can move forward from their own wounded pride as well as dish it out when the need arises.

Like we can wonder if an angry or aggressive person needs an "intervention" when their words and actions discount the feelings of others, but how do you bring that up if you believe that person is going to yell at you? Stuart offers mixed messages, or that political correctness is bad, while politeness is good.

p.s. I see snopes has the story already, and a bit more:
Prior to that, Bonner clarified that he was not a fan of Donald Trump (describing him as a "bad choice" as well) and didn't believe either candidate had "earned" his vote. Bonner also stated he'd come under harassment from Clinton supporters for sharing his comments.

Although the truth of Eric Bonner's account can only be independently verified by Hillary Clinton herself (or her security detail from the time), an Air Force public affairs piece published on 31 August 2009 does document that Bonner and Suli were on duty in Turkey in 2009:

Likewise, the records of the Office of the Historian for the United States Department of State document that Secretary Clinton made a trip to Turkey to meet with that country's foreign minister on 7 March 2009: