Monday, August 8, 2016

The Mind of the Muslim Refugee

While psychologists are pondering the mindset of the Muslim refugees who are creating their own special havoc in Europe, a German newspaper asked a Syrian professor named Bassam Tibi to explain it all. (h/t S.T.) It was certainly smarter than asking a bunch of Western therapists who would, to a man or a woman, have declared that the refugees are narcissists with control issues.

Now that Germany has opened its arms to Arab refugees, why are they still angry with Germany?

You might believe that Germany has been exceptionally generous to the refugees. And yet, the young men who make up most of the refugee population are angry because Germany has not given them more.

In our eyes they have done nothing to deserve what they have received. In their minds they are morally superior to their host nation and thus deserve everything.

To our minds, they look like parasites. To their minds, Germany is not treating them like parasites. 

When Germany does not give them their due they feel insulted and demeaned. They get angry and express their rage by humiliating German men. How do they humiliate German men? By molesting and raping German women… and watching German men sit idly by, letting it happen.

It’s a form of cultural warfare. One that, for now, has worked. And you thought that they just needed a good bout of therapy.

Breitbart reports:

Prof. Bassam Tibi said that the mass sex attacks in Cologne were a result of the migrants’ “value system”: furious at not being given a luxury lifestyle, they intended to “humiliate” Germans.

The professor, who now lives in Germany, said that Arab men come expecting “great apartments, blonde women and the welfare state”.

The political scientist noted that tax payers are providing migrants with far more than they could expect even with wages in their homelands, but warned they find the hospitality “insufficient”.

Pointing out that two-bedroom apartments are a luxury in Cairo, the professor noted that he knows 16-year-old migrants, each with two-bedroom apartments to themselves at the expense of German tax payers. These boys remain dissatisfied however, as they had hoped for cars too.

Wherever did they get the idea that they were so entitled, that Germany would happily give them a lifestyle that they were incapable of earning themselves? They got the idea because Germany has given them a lifestyle that they have not earned.

How else would you interpret Germany's open arms policy?

According to Prof. Tibi, the refugees believed that Germany was right to treat them as conquering heroes because they were more honorable than the debauched and decadent Germans. Why were they more honorable? Because their women were not allowed to sleep with everyone, while German women were.

Breitbart continues:

The professor revealed that Arabs believe themselves to be honourable and that Germans are not, as German women are allowed to “sleep with everyone”.

Professor Tibi pointed to a number of factors that he believes led to the mass sex attacks in Cologne. He said migrants knew their behaviour was criminal but that they think “German women are sluts”, and felt they would face no punishment.

The decorated academic said that police’s “fear of the racist accusation” is greater than their fear of the decline of public order. This, he contends, leads migrants to view German police as “wimps”.

Professor Tibi argued that sexual assaults on German women are driven by vengeance for not being given nice cars and flats. He also pointed to Syrian culture as playing a part.

The “Islamology” founder disclosed: “Rape of women is a weapon of war in Syria. All warring parties do that. The refugees who come here, come from this culture and not all are victims.

“If such men do not get what they expect, they are angry. In the culture I come from, you want to humiliate people who make a mad.

“In the Orient, to humiliate a man, one rapes his wife. My guess is that these young Muslim men wanted in Cologne to humiliate the women, and behind this humiliation is the humiliation of the German man. The woman is an instrument for it.”

Raping women is an act of culture war. It also occurs during a real war. When invaders rape your woman and you can do nothing to stop it, that means that your army has been defeated. Please don't tell me that you did not learn it in Women's Studies.

In the defeatist German mindset and in the Western multicultural delirium, people are more concerned with not looking like racists than they are in protecting women and maintaining public order. The same exists in Sweden, the rape capital of the Western world, where the feminist authorities are strangely insouciant about the rapes and assaults that are being visited on Swedish women.

The refugees are fleeing the collapse of a failed civilization. They cannot compete in the marketplace or on the battlefield. Having been defeated in the clash of civilizations, they are fighting back in the only way they can. They are exporting terror, trying to gain respect by terrorizing the victors. They are doing as their co-religionists have been trying to do in Israel for decades.

They cannot accept that they have been defeated in competition. They believe that the West is corrupt and that they have been cheated. They see themselves as victims, not as losers. signs of Western guilt show them that they are right. 

But, they believe that their culture has failed in competition because it is too good to compete, too proud to fight. So, they are acting like victorious invaders, people who have won a greater battle and who have a right to the spoils of war… be they luxury items or free access to women.

When a civilization cannot  or doesn't care to protect its women, it is acting as though it has been defeated.


JPL17 said...

@Trigger Warning: I must confess, I had to look up "sitzpinkler". Great word! Although I knew the practice existed, I didn't know there was already a word for it. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

David Foster said...

"A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them"

--Antoine de St-Exupery

David Foster said...

Also from St-Ex:

"If you would have them be brothers, have them build a tower. But if you would have them hate each other, throw them corn."

Anonymous said...

So murky and confusing.

Anonymous said...

If the commie bloc was called the Warsaw Pact, the EU bloc ought to be called the Suicide Pact.

Anonymous said...

Well, we've seen this movie before, and know how it ends.

In oceans of blood.

The only question is, whose blood will it be.

Deana said...

I feel as if we are having to learn the basics all over again (for example, when invaders rape your women, it means you are a defeated people). It is so obvious, so common sense, and yet so many of our "best and brightest" don't understand this and continue to find excuses for the Muslims.

It seems like a lot of people think war, brutality, and cultural death are all things that happened in the past and our enlightenment will prevent their re-emergence. They are so very mistaken.

I just can't believe people have to be taught that this is real.

beermonster said...

dont need therapy what they need is a bullet in the head

beermonster said...

dont need therapy what they need is a bullet in the head