Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Trouble with Muslim Migrants

Daniel Greenfield explains, with admirable succinctness, the problems with opening a nation’s doors to a flood of migrants who do not possess the skills needed to hold down jobs. (Via Maggie’s Farm) Only the most befuddled would think that these people just need a little training.

In Greenfields words:

Germany's Angela Merkel opened the borders to a flood of Muslim migrants while assuring everyone that they would settle down, integrate and get jobs that would enable them to support all the Germans who took vacations in Spain instead of having children to support them in their old age.

But sadly the only skills that the Muslim migrants seem to possess are

1. Robbing tourists

2. Sexually assaulting women

3. Jihad

Sadly few German companies want to hire anyone to rob tourists, assault women or blow things up. So they're unemployed. Which means they're on the dole. Which means that any and all future acts of Muslim terror will be blamed on

1. Racism in the job market

2. Failure to integrate

3. The lack of corporate positions for robber rapist terrorists

Refugees commit crimes and good Germans, like many good Americans, blame it on themselves. Since the refugees are not held accountable, they believe that it's acceptable to collect welfare and to commit crimes.


Trigger Warning said...

I find it interesting that arbitrary borders created by Eurocolonialists in the 20th Century have been roundly, and soundly, denounced by academics and Progressives for ignoring incompatible cultural and tribal distinctions and differences, but those same cliques now demand the reverse; importation of incompatible cultural groups within existing borders and demanding cultural "diversity".

Ares Olympus said...

Wow, that's some refreshingly bold scapegoating. Don't treat people as individuals. Instead use a religious label to define all members as criminals or potential criminals, or completely useless. Then you can sweep up all the people you don't like, and find a way to get rid of them.

This sort of strawman argument has never been attempted before in human history to my knowledge, or if it was, it's never had any unfortunate consequences such as persecution of minority groups.

I wonder if refugees and immigrants promised to convert to Christianity, if that would make them immune to deportation threat? Of course how could we trust them if they're willing to give up their deeply held religious beliefs merely for the possibility living the good life on welfare?

On the other hand, many Christians are merely Christian by cultural heritage, rather than deeply held beliefs. So some converts are surely to be sincere.

Perhaps Christian Churches could sponsor refugees who are willing to attend Sunday services? But once the pews are filled, then we have to close the borders again.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...
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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Ares Olympus @August 30, 2016 at 3:08 PM:

Thank goodness you are back to talking about strawmen and scapegoating. I was concerned you were starting to color outside the lines and have some original thought. So good to see you back to criticizing others' thoughts, while offering none of your own. "The man in the arena..."

By the way, from the standpoint of immigration, how do you treat people you don't know at all as individuals? Solve that vexing problem for me. Newsflash: You can't. So you have to go off of their ability to economically and culturally contribute. If they have no skills, they can't economically contribute beyond menial labor, and we're constantly told we have Mexicans to do that work that "no Americans want to do." If the Muslims want to bring shariah, they can't culturally contribute. Beyond that, the other options are welfare, crime and/or jihad. When previous immigrant waves came to the United States, there wasn't a vast government entitlement bureaucracy, with activist groups ready to enroll people in those benefits. Nay, nay... The immigrant had to work. If he was enterprising, he could start a business. If he was creative, good employers would hire you. But if you aren't willing to work hard, learn English and assimilate, you will never be welcomed in America by anyone save the malcontent Democrat Party.

No, if one is relocated to Woodstock, Vermont and won't work and won't learn English, he won't fit in. He will feel ill-used. Especially if he's a refugee and didn't have a choice of where he wanted to go. Maybe he wanted to go with the fun crowd to Germany... they seem to be having fun, don't they? Keep in mind: these 10,000 are not comprised of intact families. The vast majority are young men without responsibilities to anyone, save themselves. They are not "refugees," in the tradition of displaced families fleeing war, pestilence and famine. These are opportunists who don't know have the skills to pursue and realize opportunity (save sexual predation on Western women who have it coming to them by dressing like sluts). And no interest in learning about America. Again, maybe they didn't want to come to America. They were assigned. Not s good recipe for social immersion, assimilation and acceptance.

And then maybe, at the Muslim refugee's darkest hour, he'll begin to rely on the most fundamental part of his cultural heritage, and immerse himself in study of the Qu'ran. And since the verses are so comforting for him and make him feel part of something, he'll delve further and find his purpose and the solution to all the problems that plague him. He'll find jihad. And then he'll find voices to validate and channel his rage... whether those voices come from his friends, his family, his imam, his mosque, or his favorite radical sites on the interwebs. And then, and then, and then. Maybe we can take a wild guess and conclude that jihad, shariah and Islamist radicalism have to do with... Islam itself! Madness.

We are a sovereign nation. We can set whatever immigration standards we want. Sorry if that doesn't comport with your "open minded" cosmopolitan sensibilities. Put your head back in the sand and pretend what you see isn't happening. You'll feel better about yourself, and certainly superior to people like me. And then you'll feel safe. Until you're not. Oh well... at least you had noble intentions. Good luck with that.

As for stereotypes, you want to treat Muslims as individuals, but in the same breath paint broad assumptions about Christian culture, beliefs and intentions. I've come to expect nothing less from you, Ares. I'll chalk you up as another one who wants to let everyone in and ask questions later. Isn't that what you criticize cops for? "Shoot first and ask questions later"?