Saturday, August 13, 2016

Standing Up to Terror

Just in case  you thought that Peggy Noonan [see prior post] was kidding. We have this from the London Express. The subject is the recent Munich terrorist attack launched by a German Muslim named Ali David Sonboly. As you already know, the media throughout Europe has done everything in its power to cover up the fact that Sonboly was a Muslim terrorist. They have painted him as an Aryan neo-Nazi.  The BBC even excised his first name, because it identified his religious affiliation.

The Express reports the outline of the attack:

Loner [Ali David] Sonboly had just shot dead nine people, mainly young teenagers he had lured to McDonald’s on the premise of free food. 

The German-Iranian also injured 16 others during the rampage before he killed himself a kilometre away from the Munich Olympiad shopping centre he carried the shooting out at.

While the shooting was happening a German man named Thomas Salbey saw it from his window. The Express describes what happened:

Thomas Salbey, 57, saw the shooting happening from his balcony in the Bavarian capital on July 22. 

In an attempt to stop 18 year old Ali Sonboly from further slaughtering people, he swore at the shooter as he was standing in a car park below.

Sonboly shouted at him: "I am a German."

Footage of the feisty exchange went viral as thousands praised Mr Salbey for standing up to the deluded teenager.

The plucky German also hurled a beer bottle at the attacker in a desperate attempt to stop him.

He said: “All I had was a beer bottle to throw at him, but if I had a gun I would have shot him in the head.”

You will probably not be surprised to hear that Mr. Salbey is now under investigation for hurling insults. Apparently, Germans do not value free speech.

The Express explains:

Now, in a twist of German justice, Mr Salbey is now facing charges for standing up to the killer who shot himself in the head.

Florian Weinzierl, spokesman from the Munich State Prosecutor’s office, confirmed the Munich resident is being investigated.

He said the post-shooting exchange between Mr Salbey and Sonboly had no influence on their actions.

What will be included in the charges remains to be established, as it whether they will be brought forward.

But Mr Weinzierl, suggested they could include “insults to the detriment of the dead.”

According to the spokesman, a court review will be completed soon.

For your edification, the Daily Mail offers an expurgated transcript of the exchange: 

Balcony man: 'You f**king a*****e you...'

Gunman: 'Because of you I was bullied for 7 years...'
Balcony man: 'You w****r you. you're a w****r'
Gunman: '...and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you'
Balcony man: 'A gun! F**k off! Your head should be cut off you a*****e'
The gunman and balcony man begin shouting at each other.  
Balcony man apparently to people filming: 'He's got a gun here the guy has one'
Unseen voice: 'F*****g Turks!'
Balcony man: 'F*****g foreigner'
Balcony man to someone else: 'Ey! He's got a gun! He has loaded his gun. Get the cops here. He's walking around here the w****r!'
Gunman: 'I am German.'
Balcony man: 'You're a w****r is what you are'
Gunman: 'Stop filming!'
Balcony man: 'A w****r is what you are. What the f**k are you doing?'
Shooter: 'Yeah what, I was born here.'
Balcony man: 'Yeah and what the f**k you think you're doing?'
Gunman: 'I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area.'
Balcony man and Shooter talk at same time. 
Balcony man: 'Yeah treatment is something for you'
Gunman: 'I haven't done anything here for (unintelligible) ... 'Please shut your mouth'
Balcony man: 'You c**t you'
Balcony man to people nearby: 'Hey, he's on the upper floor here.'
The cameraman goes into cover as the gunman starts firing. Balcony man calls him a c***t again.
Balcony man: 'They must have been s******g into your head' 
Gunman: 'They have not. They have not, that's the thing. They have not.'    

What would we do without the Daily Mail?


Sam L. said...

I believe no government in western Europe and the UK believes in free speech. Plenty of people here don't, either. Mostly in colleges, but also in the media.

Sam L. said...

See also, your post before this.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Isn't denial great?

When they don't teach you truth in college, you come to fear the truth. Then you have moral license to lie and obfuscate in the name of "celebrating diversity." That's what an "educated" person looks like today: a babbling litany of vacant platitudes.

This is the greatness of the Western elite on parade.

By the way, has any elite university offered Khizr Khan an endowed constitutional law professorship yet? He really understands our Constitution, doesn't he? Maybe he's a prophet for the future of American Shariah.

Anonymous said...

The woman who filed the complaint explains herself (in German) in a video on youtube:
Her name is Michelle. She also wants the people who bullied David Sonboly to be held accountable. "If I find out who bullied the gunman before the fact, and if I should be able to find out that in the context of bullying offenses happened, I will also report this," she says in the video. This is not a matter of a peccadillo: "Bullying can kill."

The complaint will not be prosecuted. The Balcony Man is a hero. He probably prevented futher carnage. Sonboly had his backpack full with ammo. It took 2 hours after the rant of Balcony Man before the police located him, but in the meantime he had stopped shooting completely.