Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Cowardice of Frau Merkel

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

Thus there will be no evil.

Or else, the evil will not be her fault.

So says German Chancellor Angela Merkel. With her approval ratings tanking, with the refugees she allowed into the country committing terrorist actions, inspiring terrorist actions and molesting German women, the Chancellor has publicly declared that her policies have had nothing to do with it.

It was an ultimate cop out, an act of political cowardice the likes of which we have rarely seen … except in America, of course.

The Daily Mail reports on Merkel’s statement, delivered yesterday:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she sees no connection between the unregulated flow of refugees into Germany and a spike in Islamic terrorism in her country.

Despite warnings from intelligence chiefs about terrorists smuggling themselves into Germany disguised as migrants - and two terror attacks last month including an Isis suicide bomber - Mrs Merkel seems determined to ignore public opinion about her 'open door' policy towards asylum seekers.

At a political meeting on Wednesday in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ahead of a regional poll next month she was asked if 'terrorism had come to Germany with the refugees'.

The chancellor, whose approval ratings are dwindling on the back of public fears about increased terror risk, said: 'The phenomenon of Islamic terrorism of IS not a phenomenon that has come to us through the refugees but one we already had.'

The facts say otherwise. The German intelligence agency recently reported on the problem. Perhaps Merkel does not get such briefings. Perhaps she is so dishonest that she cannot admit to error:

Only days ago, as well as fears over the number of potential terrorists who have come to Germany amidst the wave of 1.2 million refugees, it was revealed that Jihadist recruiters are hard at work trying to radicalise young men among them.

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution says it has concrete knowledge of over 340 cases of attempted Jihadist recruitment among migrants.

'There are more than 340 cases which have become known to us,' said Hans-Georg Maassen, president of the agency.

But he warned: 'These are only the ones we know about. There are probably more cases.'

For her part Merkel declared that her government would use more social media to track down the incipient terrorists:

Chancellor Merkel, at the political rally in the town of Neustrelitz, tried to allay fears among the public by saying that she wants more security personnel 'with more powers to intervene'.

Mrs Merkel added: 'Through digitialization, through social media, through the so-called Darknet that played a role in the gun rampage in Munich, we must adapt constantly and permanently adapt our strategies.

'What used to be just video surveillance will soon be including face detection technology.'

That will certainly strike fear in the heart of the refugee population. Merkel is obviously playing defense. Merkel cannot attack the problem because she is the problem. Good luck to Germany.

You see, it’s all about girl power. Where’s the Iron Lady when we need her?

[Addendum: Thanks to ST for sending along a link to a map showing the incidence of refugee crimes in Germany: Link here]


sestamibi said...

All about girl power--that's it in four words.

Coming soon to our shores. I guess what alleviates my anxiety a little is knowing that Hillary won't live more than two years in office--something her campaign is not letting on.

Sam L. said...

It's all about girl power, and we know what those "refugees" do with girls to show who's got the power. Angela Merkel just turns her eyes away.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

It would seem Merkel and her German scientists have completed their top secret reality distortion field anti-doomsday machine and are putting it to good use.

It's remarkable how technology and digitalization have solved all human problems.

Dennis said...

Just to re-enforce some of what Anon states.

There must be a rule that feminism will reach a point where it destroys the society that accepts it. Eventually it destroys itself. Merkel is just the latest example of the folly that is feminism. A death cult can never reconcile the needs of society especially when it comes to the propagation of life and the responsibilities that are engendered. Feminism destroys.

Dennis said...


An aside that might explain our resident Leftist.
It aided me in understanding NYers, et al. When one has already given up so much to the state it becomes hard to recognize the loss of more freedoms and rights.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Thanks for the link, Dennis. Very interesting.

Dennis said...

It will happen here if Hillary wins.