Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Immigration Problem

You have heard about of the legions of refugees who are coming to America because they want to work hard and become productive citizens.

And you know that some of our current citizens are serious discommoded at the thought that their nation is  being overrun by non-productive non-citizens—roughly as is happening in Germany today.

Where does the truth lie?

Well, last Thursday at the Thursday meeting of the Austin, Texas City Council, a group of Hispanic students were asking for more money for more after-school programs. As is their wont, they were asking in Spanish.

This means that if you do not speak Spanish you cannot fully participate in the Austin City Council’s deliberation. Does this not seem discriminatory?

Council Member Dan Zimmerman responded to the students:

I’d ask for everyone here, including the children, when you grow up, I want to ask you to pledge to finish school, learn a trade, a skilled trade, get a college education, start a business, do something useful and produce something in your society so you don’t have to live off others. Thank you.

The audience responded with a hearty round of boos. You see, in today’s multicultural America anyone who suggests that people go out to work for a living in order to become productive citizens is perforce a bigot.

Later in the meeting Council member Delia Garza replied to Zimmerman:

Earlier council [member] Zimmerman said something that was really offensive and it happened really quickly and now I’m hearing from members of our community that they are disappointed that more of us didn’t stand up and say something. And I want our community to know that we do not condone what he said. And we have your back.

The statement was greeted with twenty seconds of applause.

To which Thomas Lifson, at American Thinker (via Maggie’sFarm) offers his own commentary:

I am sorry to break it to Mr. Garza, but those who live off the work of others are not productive; they are parasitical.  Some parasites are very benign.  After all, we all started off as helpless babies and then children, who cannot provide for themselves.  That is a natural thing, for in nature, creatures mature and provide for themselves, and eventually for others – the children that they produce, and their parents when they are no longer able to provide.

But creatures that are fully capable of providing for themselves but make choices that keep them dependent on extracting wealth from wealth-producers (via the government tax collectors) are not productive.  Not until they get it together enough to take care of themselves.

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

If you want to know why immigration is an issue and a problem, this tells the story. I would only suggest, respectfully, to Mr. Lifson, that Delia Garza is probably a Ms., not a Mr.


Sam L. said...

Austin: Doing anything and everything to Keep Austin Weird. And badly, at that.

AesopFan said...

Austin is to Texas as Boulder is to Colorado.
(I have an MA from that conservative hotbed, UT Austin, and live in Denver Metro).
One oddity is that the uber-liberal Austin City Council tried to run Uber (ride service) out of town.
Go figure.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

AesopFan: Uber does not genuflect sufficiently to government, and is making government officials look bad with the declining value of conventional taxi medallions and the graft that goes with handing them out and renewals. The issue is a municipal microcosm of what pay-to-play and lobbying influence is like on a national level. Trump could use it as a metaphor in the debates, and it might resonate for people.

As for our municipalities of higher learning, you can add Ann Arbor, Charlottesville, Madison, Berkeley, Athens, Burlington and Seattle to your list (though you don't, and haven't, earned a degree in those places). It would seem there is s a trend in weirdness, and all at the state government teat. After all, universities and healthcare are the two industries whose costs have outpaced inflation every year since World War II. Good business model, eh? Third party funding = wealth + weirdness.

dukun gaib said...
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