Saturday, August 20, 2016

What Is an Aspergirl?

What is an Aspergirl?

This new term, coined by Rudy Simone, refers to women who have Asperger’s syndrome or who are otherwise on the autism spectrum.

The International Aspergirl Society, recently founded by Simone, provides a place for people with this syndrome to network and to find support and sustenance.

I am honored to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Society.

The International Aspergirl Society defines itself on its website:

Our Mission

To bring women on the autism spectrum together for mutual empowerment, understanding, education, networking and support.

Our Methods 

1. Events by and for spectrum women around the world (open to general public)

2. Membership (exclusive to spectrum women, with benefits including Skype consultations, magazines, monthly video messages from Rudy Simone, networking and more.)

Rudy Simone envisioned a society with like-minded, compassionate women at her side to aide her on a mission to help support, give greater understanding and most of all, empower women and girls on the Autism Spectrum.

The Society sponsored events in Paris and Berlin. Next week it will be offering a meeting in Rochester, N.Y.


Sam L. said...

It is my understanding that Asperger people are more often male, but "more often" doesn't specify any percentage breakdown.

AesopFan said...

And Lupus victims are more often female, but I have a son who was diagnosed at 22 with that disease. However, one grandson is autistic. Like everything else, diseases have a distribution, but very few are strictly related to the sex of the biological organism (bar the obvious ones).
Kudos to Stuart for stepping up to the plate; his coaching approach should be very helpful to the members of the organization.