Friday, August 25, 2017

A Grooming Gang in Newcastle

We know about the gangs in Rotherham, England that were “grooming” young girls. In the vernacular the term refers to rape, gang rape and sex trafficking. One recalls that the local authorities in Rotherham, upon being informed of the activities, involving hundreds of high school age students, chose to ignore it… for fear of being called racists.

As I have often noted, we are in the world of human sacrifice… to the gods of multiculturalism.

Today’s story comes to us from Newcastle, England. It concerns six of so girls and women, one as young as 13. So, we are dealing with rape, with child rape and with sex trafficking. We are all waiting for the reaction of those fearless feminist warriors who are militating against rape culture. As of now, their silence has been deafening.

The Sun reports:

GIRLS as young as 13 were lured to parties and plied with drugs and alcohol in return for sexual favours, a court heard.

Jurors were told the group of Newcastle men raped and abused six women and girls after they were exploited and trafficked.

The prosecuting attorney presented the case:

Prosecutor Anne Richardson said: “The case involves allegations of sexual exploitation and trafficking of young women and girls in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area of the North East of England.

“The alleged offences occurred over a number of years, namely between 2007 and 2014 and those who makes these allegations are, for the most part, immature and vulnerable people.

“It is the Crown’s case that these personality traits were exploited by the defendants and that each of the young women were lured to various houses and flats where drugs and/or alcohol were made freely available to them….

“In return, the Crown would say, these complainants were expected and encouraged to provide sexual favours and services, not because they wanted to do so, or through their own free and unencumbered will, but because they were beholden and in thrall to these men.”

On many occasions the sexual acts they performed with some of the men these defendants were entered into on a consensual basis, due to the lure and promise of reward in the form of drink and/or alcohol.

“The Crown suggests this was because they felt compelled to return to the defendant’s houses due to their addiction to alcohol and drugs and the hold the men had over them.

“Other times, the sexual acts were forced upon them, without their consent, and on still further occasions these complainants were so intoxicated with drink and/or drugs that they were totally incapable of giving consent at all.”

Naturally, the politically correct media neglects to mention the ethnic and religious background of the men in question. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. For your edification, their names are Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Heiman Mohamme, Saman Obaid.

At least they were not white supremicists.


Sam L. said...

Of course the feminists say nothing; multi-culti trumps feminism, and they know it.
Wouldna do nae good to highlight this.

Ares Olympus said...

On background, the express says "The defendants, all of Kurdish extraction" - so that's ethnic heritage.

We don't know when they immigrated, or whether they were born in the UK.
Kurdish people first arrived to Britain in large numbers during the 1980s, mostly from the disputed territories of Kurdistan (Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Armenia and Syria), fleeing the suppression of their language and culture.

It also doesn't mention the ethnicity of the victims, only their vulnerability, "the victims had all experienced difficulties with their upbringing and childhood."