Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Desnudas Gone Wild

On this rare occasion something that is too good to be true is true.

The story comes to us from New York’s Times Square. The space has recently been invaded by nude female panhandlers, covered in body paint.  They harass tourists and they even harass some native New Yorkers. They call themselves Desnudas, because they are naked and Hispanic. It turns out that many of them are illegal immigrants. Therefore, they are protected in New York, a sanctuary city.

Fox News has the story (via Maggie’s Farm):

Lewd and rude “desnudas” – naked female panhandlers – are harassing tourists in New York’s Times Square, but cops reportedly can’t arrest them “because most of them are illegal immigrants.”

The desnudas -- a Spanish word meaning "naked" -- are part of a Times Square assembly of popular costumed children’s characters and mostly-naked females hitting tourists up for money in the uber-popular New York City district. A law enforcement source told The New York Post that past proposals to license the often obnoxious street performers went nowhere because most of them are illegal immigrants and wouldn’t register anyway. Plus, City Hall, under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, isn’t interested in going after illegals such as the desnudas, the source told The Post.

So with little police enforcement, squads of Minnie Mouses, Incredible Hulks and painted women continue to pester passersby.

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trigger warning said...

Exhibitionists have been doing nekkid attention whoring in Key West for a while now. Google "body paint key west". Of course, the climate in Key West is exhibitionist-friendly. We'll see what happens in Times Square in January. :-D

Sam L. said...

It appears NYC is NUTS.

Sam L. said...

Why aren't there some of these women in my little town?????? Why do I have to miss out?