Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What's Wrong with the Navy?

What’s wrong with the U. S. Navy? Another accident; more sailors dead.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters suggests that Navy officers have been receiving sub-standard training. Instead they are taught about diversity and sensitivity. This is the Navy that Obama built.

Fox News reports Peters’ analysis:

Peters, a Fox News strategic analyst, said the Navy is perhaps the "paramount" branch of service for our national defense. He was asked how this could happen again.

"The obvious conclusion is the officers on the bridge and the seamen don't have basic navigation skills. They no longer are drilled in basic seamanship. They don't have the discipline they should. I love the U.S. Navy ... but it's in a bad way right now," he said on Fox Business Network….  

An active-duty Navy officer echoed the concerns to Fox News, questioning the level of training for young officers.

"It’s not the same level of training you used to get," the officer said.

Peters called out the military, especially in the Obama administration, for turning the armed services into a "social engineering experiment."

"Those sailors did not have the basic seamanship skills, but by God, they got their sensitivity, race relations and sexual harassment training," said Peters, adding that sailors can't fight without adequate navigational skills.

"The neglect, the lack of focus that goes into an accident like this is just appalling," he concluded.

And you thought that the “social engineering experiment” would be cost free. Think again.

One can only wonder whether the Navy still allows anyone to talk about seamanship. Isn't the politically correct term: seapersonship?


Sam L. said...

I trust Mr. Trump will set the Navy right, by telling them that Obama is gone, and they'd damned well better get "shipshape and Bristol fashion", and damned QUICKLY.

Ares Olympus said...

Strangely this quote is not in the linked fox article: "Those sailors did not have the basic seamanship skills, but by God, they got their sensitivity, race relations and sexual harassment training,"

But listening to the video, the quote is here:

How about we keep our heads and wait for actual evidence?

Anonymous said...

I wrote speeches for Flag Officers 20+ years. It's an intimate, intricate relationship.

He or she was the boss. But I was the eminence grise, the idea & rhetoric master, the author.

Over time, I saw a pernicious (IMO) Change.

The early Brass read history, potential global threats, strategy tactics logistics innovations.

The newer read Wall Street deals, tycoons, hedge fund guys, fabulous futures in retirement - which they expected and got.

I KNEW the Littoral Combat Ship was bogus. But it makes lots of people lots of money.

I KNEW we needed some cutting-edge jets. But many A-10 Warthogs.

History was Bunk. Old dead white impecunious pension men. The Union? Puh-leeeze. Memorial Day - depressing.

The newbies all got their stars from Rumsfeld.

Diversity Is Strength. Women in Combat Effective. On ships and submarines they make it better. Constant seminars on Sex, race, sensitivity, Lookism, and more.

Guess who were the Bad Guys?

John Boyd, USAF, asked ... "Do you want to BE? Or DO?" He barely made LT COL. But he was a DO man.

I'm worried now. -- Rich Lara

David Foster said...

Navy and Merchant Marine practices, compared:


Sam L. said...

Rich, the AF Generals have been trying to send A-10s to The Boneyard for years. In that time we've bought F-22s and F-35s, neither of which can do what the A-10 can do to support troops on the ground.