Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Glorifying a Transgender Traitor

Howls of outrage greeted President Trump’s pardon of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After all, Arpaio was overzealously pursuing suspected illegal immigrants, and we cannot have that. It smacks of bigotry, and the ultimate sin, these days, is bigotry.

Trump’s detractors declared that the president was condoning bigotry. The emphasized that no one had ever done anything worse in the history of the Republic. Some of us noted that President Obama had commuted the sentence of a traitor named Bradley or Chelsea Manning and had done the same for a convicted terrorist and murderer named Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Did anyone say that Obama had thereby aligned himself with treason and terrorism? Of course not. The Messiah does no wrong. Didn’t you know that?

As James Kirchick writes in The New York Times, now that transgenderism is the cause du jour among left thinking media types, Chelsea or Bradley Manning is a hero or a heroine. No one cares what he did. No one cares how many people died because of what he did. No one cares about espionage or treason. What really matter is that Manning is helping America to overcome its habit of seeing beings with XY chromosomes as males.

The more you detach people from rational thought and from using reality as a reference the easier it is to control their minds using propaganda.

Of course, trangenderism is a belief. Many consider it a delusional belief. By glamorizing and glorifying someone like Manning, the media and the radical left is getting itself into the business of producing more transgender children. Keep in mind, our elites now accept that a five-year-old child can choose his or her own gender. Not only does this mean that everyone will be forced to address him or her by whatever pronouns he or she chooses. It also means that he or she will be shot up with puberty blocking hormones before he or she has reached an age of adult consent. At that point, changing her mind—which happens to around three fourths of the children who declare themselves transgender—will be out of the medical question.

Kirchick reminds us of precisely what Manning did:

When Ms. Manning transmitted 750,000 secret military records and State Department cables to WikiLeaks in 2010, she not only jeopardized continuing missions and disrupted American diplomacy. She also put an untold number of innocent people’s lives in danger.

What was the result? What happened when Manning put the records in the hands of Julian Assange?

Kirchick tells us:

According to The New Yorker, when the United States tried to locate “hundreds” of Afghans named in the documents and move them to safety, “many could not be found, or were in environments too dangerous to reach.” When pressed by a journalist about the possibility of redacting the names of Afghans who cooperated with the United States military, Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, reportedly replied: “Well, they’re informants. So, if they get killed, they’ve got it coming to them. They deserve it.”

For having betrayed her country, Manning was made into a hero. What does that say about the patriotism of those who are worshipping her?

Kirchick explains:

Yet from the moment United States military prosecutors charged Ms. Manning with violating the Espionage Act in 2010, progressives have hailed her as a folk hero. She became an even more sympathetic figure when, shortly after her sentencing three years later, she announced she was transgender and wished to be known as Chelsea. The day of her discharge from prison this May following a commutation of her sentence by President Barack Obama, Laura Poitras, the activist filmmaker who assisted Edward Snowden in his leak of highly classified information, announced she would produce a film about Ms. Manning titled “XY Chelsea.” Amnesty International — an organization ostensibly committed to freeing political prisoners, not those who assist their jailers — gushed that “people power can triumph over injustice.”

At the least, let’s not call it patriotism.


James said...

The Left is desperately trying to make it a modern day Daniel Ellsberg.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Good point ... they are not living in the real world, but in a mythicized past.

Sam L. said...

And yet, "Caitlin Jenner" is a transgender traitor for voting Republican. And quadruple-plus ungood because of that. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigt.

Walt said...

Except she wasn't a She when He committed those crimes nor when He was prosecuted for them. I believe at the time Her preferred designation was Him. Gotta watch those pronouns, especially in NYC where misusing them is a crime and, according to a bill up for vote in CA, punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: After all, Arpaio was overzealously pursuing suspected illegal immigrants, and we cannot have that. It smacks of bigotry, and the ultimate sin, these days, is bigotry.

The issue isn't simply bigotry but unlawful racial discrimination by an officer of the law, and being so obsessed by illegal immigration that violent crimes were neglected.
While numerous human rights organizations and activists blasted Tent City and Arpaio for mistreating inmates and flagrantly violating their rights, Arpaio took pride in the jail, marking its anniversaries with celebrations and heralding the example it set. When prisoners were captured on camera yelling “Hitler! Hitler!” in 2009, Arpaio brushed it off.

“But even if it was a concentration camp, what difference does it make?” he asked. “I still survived. I still kept getting re-elected.”
For years, Arpaio’s sheriff department came under fire for its lack of concern over cases of sexual assault and other related crimes. More than 400 alleged assaults between 2005 and 2007 had to be re-evaluated after the department was found negligent in its investigation efforts. A large number of the cases came out of El Mirage, a working-class Phoenix suburb, and involved undocumented immigrants—a community unlikely to complain about investigative failures due to their precarious position. Many of the cases cited also involved the molestation of young children, including toddlers as young as two years old.

Manning served 6 years in prison for following his/her conscience. Arpaio hasn't even been convicted yet. Obama condemned Manning's leaking from the start. Trump has done nothing but laud praise on Arpaio's unlawful discrimination.