Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Women at Google

Women at Google find the perfect way to refute James Damore:


trigger warning said...

Hm. When it comes to making money from AdWords, Google believes demographic differences exist and paying customers should exploit them to maximize ROI:

"You may get a higher return on investment (ROI) or increase your chances to show your ads to people who are more likely to buy your products by setting a specific bid for a demographic group"
--- AdWords Help

H/T: Michael Krieger

Ares Olympus said...

My goodness. Okay, I guess many of us really can't just get along. Bell curves are for nerds, not people.

And as Trump taught us: when you're a human category, objective facts don't matter, shared feelings are what self-interested mobs are interested in and self-righteousness indignation offers too much pleasure to pass up once you've been triggered.

It reminds me of the quote from Anaïs Nin: "We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are."

But what comes next? I guess we agree there are things that just can't be talked about in mixed company, like sex, religion, and politics.

Katielee4211 said...

Oh, the irony. That they miss completely. Because as Ares Olympus noted.
By the way, I'd never heard that, thanks.

Sam L. said...

Proving Damore's point...well, providing evidence thereto.

trigger warning said...

Such a skeptic, Sam. They were merely taking a Fainting Couch Leave day. Case of the vapours.

Move along, Neanderthal. Nothing to see here.

Ares Olympus said...

If Anyone interested, Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson (who stood up to the transgender activists recently) interviewed James Damore yesterday. Peterson saw nothing in Damore's memo that were scientifically wrong, and this firing clearly will silence free speech within google. 2017/08/08: James Damore and his Google Memo on Diversity
I talk to James Damore and another employee who wishes to remain anonymous about James' memo regarding Google's diversity programs and their overweening ideological basis. He was fired last night. This means that the company that is arguably in charge of more of the world's communication than any other has now fired a promising engineer for stating a series of established scientific truths.