Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Muslim Ban

Political leaders in Western Europe have been declaring that we must learn to live with Islamist terrorism. Nothing can be done, they moan, as they fail to take responsibility for their own contributions to the problem. You see, feckless and pusillanimous leadership, based on pure sentimentality and citizen-of-the-worldism has produced this seemingly insoluble problem.

But, the Observer asks, why have Eastern European nations not had a problem with terrorism:

There have been no major Islamic terror attacks in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest or any of the former communist countries in the EU.

These countries are all Western facing, democracy supporting, terror opposing, predominantly Christian countries and most are NATO members to boot.

So why are terrorists ignoring them?

The reason is simple: they have not been allowed to mass immigrate into these countries.

In countries like Britain, the link between immigration and terrorism is clear. A report by the Henry Jackson Society shows that 38 percent of convicted Islamic terrorists in Britain were not born in the country.

But if having low immigration has sheltered Eastern Europe from the troubles of the West, things are set to change. The EU is determined to spread the number of migrants from the Islamic world across member countries. At present, most Eastern European countries are less than one percent Muslim, and the Muslim communities in those countries are hundreds of years old.

Naturally, the majority of EU countries has insisted that these Eastern European nations share the pain. It’s all about empathy, don’t you know. The question now remaining is whether the EU will force these nations to accept more terrorists in their midst or whether these nations will walk away from the EU.

What about that Muslim ban?

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Sam L. said...

The eastern nations remember Muslim invasions from centuries back, and will not allow new ones. The western nations...well, they seem to believe in Multi-culti Uber Alles.