Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Woman's Voice

If you’re looking for trouble you’ve come to the right place. I don’t recall precisely who and where, but I do remember that people have suffered serious consequences for discussing, distributing and disseminating this article. [Update: Here is a link to the story.]

I am referring to Denise McAllister’s article, “Can We Be Honest About Women.” It appeared in The Federalist a few days ago. At a time when the world’s women have been mobilized to attack and destroy male sexual harassers, it is worthwhile to hear a woman’s opinion about the matter of male/female interaction. Of course, we want to know what women think and what they want. After all, you cannot really believe that the men in the media and entertainment worlds, ferociously committed feminists all, are all sexual predators. And you do not want to reduce all men to devils while elevating all women into angelic creatures who never misinterpret a gesture and never tell a lie. At a time when the culture war risks falling prey to stereotypes, it is worthwhile to hear from a woman who is not mouthing feminist propaganda.

McAllister explains the women like to flirt. They like the sexual interplay that happens with men and they try to be beautiful because being beautiful and feminine is part of their power and influence.

In her words:

Women love the sexual interplay they experience with men, and they relish men desiring their beauty. Why? Because it is part of their nature.

Women want to be desired by men, to attract them, to be the only woman in the world for that man. Their beauty is an essential part of their allure, especially when men and women first meet. They have little else to go on because they don’t know each other, and beauty serves as a guidepost to greater interest.

Outside of a woman looking for a mate, her beauty is a source of power because men and other women value it. This is why married women still want to be beautiful. It’s an expression of their femininity, which doesn’t disappear at the altar.

Much to our shock and awe, McAllister reveals that women are not quite as innocent as you think. They are happy to use their feminine charms and feminine wiles to get what they want. They have been disinclined to lean in because leaning in does not get them what they want. It gets them pushback and even hitback.

And, we should not forget that more than a few women are more than happy to use their feminine charms, even their sexual power, to advance their careers, to get roles in movies, to become more prominent on television:
Please, gentlemen, when you are writing diatribes on the depravities of your own sex, don’t paint women as pure and innocent. They’re not. They can twist and distort their natural impulses and desires just as a man can—and they do.

How many women try to attract men in the office, media, entertainment industry, and politics to taste the power, to reap the rewards, whatever those might be? Are they really in a position to complain when a man responds? I don’t think so. The honest ones know exactly what they’re doing and accept the bumps that come from riding down that particular road.


Sam L. said...

She's a Traitor To Her Sex/Gender!!!!11111!!!!! The HORROR!! The horror...

And...The Truth? You can't stand the Truth!

James said...

Finally the finish to my mid East assessment. Iran has completed a tenuous land bridge/connection from the home country to the Med. Since they lack airpower they are in an awkward stage and vulnerable. They have gone far enough to where they are almost compelled by events to see it out to the finish. This is critical for people in the West to understand though, Iran will use help in their program from anyone(see Russian air support during Iran's ISIS campaign), but Iran wants all western military forces (including Russia) out of the area. Can Iran take on Israel effectively? The answer (depending on the Israelis) is even with Russian air probably no, without air absolutely not. Therefore Putin still has important cards to play as does Trump. If I was in policy making circles now there is a no mans land between Egypt and the Sudan that I would keep a very close eye on for Iranian influence. Sorry it took so long but other things have been interfering.

Sam L. said...

Well, WE can be honest about women (though they'll sure try to beat us over the head with at least 95% accuracy) but it appears that women can't be honest about women, or won't allow women to be honest about women. So I guess Rush is Right about FemiNazis.

Ares Olympus said...

McAllister's effort looks honest, but also skips over a very troublesome reality. Beauty in a woman, through her sexuality, as mercilessly judged by greater society stands highest in their teens, twenties, and falls rapidly after that, depending on what other attractive traits she has developed.

I suppose the equivalent for men is in athletics, where a combination of natural talent and practice allows some to gain great status. But at least in athletics you can build up self-esteem by knowing the hard work you did to get there. Perhaps you can build self-esteem from beauty, and augment that beauty by effort like makeup, dress, and certain augmentations, it looks like a precarious place, and the fairy tales usually agree.

It is interesting that Caitlyn Jenner's approach to femininity is plastic surgery in an attempt to clone women's natural and artificial beauty, rather than expressing it as a freedom to be more nurturing and empathetic. I'd expect most mature 68yo women find themselves above the vanity game.

Anonymous said...

Something that is a companion piece; When one starts to see the world as divided into villains (men) and heroes (women) we are well on the way to doing real damage to the ability to deal with each other honesty and battle real sexism. I would posit that women, as a whole, will pay the dearest for thinking short term gain vice long term solutions Sadly it is women who are going to put an end to this resort to condemning all men for the actions of a few. Ignore "due process" and create a disrespect for it and it will eventually work agains't everyone's best interests. Though I am somewhat encouraged because I note that there are more and more women speaking out agains't these feminist machinations.