Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Respecting Women's Minds

We all agree that women should be respected for their minds and their achievements, not for their sexuality. And yet, what are we to do about the fact that, as noted yesterday, when the national conversation turns to the fairer sex all we hear about and all we see is sexually charged.

And when companies present images of half-naked women they insist that these images are empowering and that they represent women’s strength.

For today, and against my better judgment, I share some recent images of women from the press. The first comes from a fashion house called Anine Bing. The Daily Mail calls it an “empowering fashion campaign.” I am sure you agree.

It adds:

A lingerie brand's latest campaign is mixing racy lace outfits with inspiring stories to encourage self-acceptance among women. 

Anine Bing is known for delicate lace bralets and other sheer intimates loved by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, but the designer is trying out something a little different for her latest social media campaign: taking the focus from the clothes to the women wearing them.

The series, called #AnineBingStories, features a selection of stunning ladies of different backgrounds and ages lounging around their homes in their favorite lingerie designs - while revealing intimate details about their lives.

For your edification, here are a few empowering images, some of which contain the notably power-pose of womanspreading.

 Here is an image of strength:

Showing strength: Among the women are entrepreneurs, such as Maya Haile, a model and founder of non-profit The Three Goats Organization

And this:

Easy-going: The campaign is entirely Photoshop-free and includes women between the ages of 19 and 64, with the youngest, Janna Tew, proudly showing off her armpit hair in this snap

Right at home: Each woman welcomed the brand into their house for the candid photos

Caught out: Anine Bing's wares (worn here by model Chloe Hayward) are popular among celebrities such as Kendall Jenner

As for other news from the empowered woman front, the DailyMail also reports that British women have greatly increased their demand for “anal bleaching.”  Apparently it gives women that oh-so-desirably porn star look. No kidding. Nothing like anal bleaching to elicit more respect for women’s minds.

 Now a leading aesthetic clinic in London has reported a large increase in cases

And, from Australian, we have the latest piece of feminine self-consciousness, every young woman’s great fear: the armpit vagina. No kidding.

Move along two-abs-short-of-a-six pack, the “arm vagina” is the latest body hang-up giving us grief.

Otherwise known as your armpit, the “arm vagina” is the slight fold of skin created where your arm meets your body. And according to a Hollywood stylist, it’s one of the most common anxieties female clients raise.

Rebecca Corbin-Murray, who dresses famous faces including Emma Watson, “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner and Lily James, says while the body positivity message is being heard, pressure on the red carpet still exists.

“Sometimes it’s the weirdest part of their body. They say: ‘I’ve got this horrible blah-blah’, and you think ‘What are they even talking about? The one that comes up all the time is the arm vagina.” she told The Times.

Do you think that we will see any outcry about the media's efforts to sexualize women? 


Jack Fisher said...

"The Daily Mail calls it an 'empowering fashion campaign.'"

"Empowering" is a trick word that means that this ad campaign is selling an image that its target audience (probably women in the 20ish to 30ish range) can aspire to. "If you buy our product you will look like our models and then you will have power."

Obviously nonsense, empowered women look like the shift leader at McDonalds or a small business owner or a company officer. Whether she also looks like a fashion model is an independent matter.

Sam L. said...

My first thought was a little change of name to Asinine Bing.

"Do you think that we will see any outcry about the media's efforts to sexualize women?"
One might expect it from the Feministas, but my Magic 8-Ball says "Signs point to NO."

trigger warning said...

I've seen racier panty ads on bus shelters in Italy. Didn't tempt me to take the bus.

And why, oh why, do they NEVER have SlutWalks in MY town??? I'd support it. I always try to sponsor a hole in those silly golf tournaments.

Christopher B said...

To paraphrase Reddit, somebody needs to teach them the power of 'and'.