Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Catch of the Day

The Daily Mail provides definitive visual proof that size does matter.

Size does matter: Two friends hold up their respective catches of the day - and the difference is significant 


James said...

Easy to tell which of them is the fly fisherman.

James said...

I haven't forgot about the Iran Israeli thing, I've been busy looking for more tin foil (my head's bigger than I thought). Seriously, I just didn't want to rattle off something on this.

Jack Fisher said...

James, takest thou time.

James said...

Well I'll get started. First though and this is very important in how anyone views my comments on this subject. I have been and am an almost total Israeli supporter for a long long time. Also I am a Trump supporter, so bear these things in mind as you read further.
1) The mideast has been in a Sunni/Shia civil war for almost 1400 yrs and what we see is a recent manifestation of this conflict that over arches everything in the area.
2) The Iranians and Erdorgan are dreaming of reestablishing old empires (why Erdogan dreams of low round furniture is beyond me).
3) These dreams go hand in hand with the above religious civil conflict and sometimes transcend it.
4) The US has a long record of involvement in the area and of very mixed results.
5) Putin has managed to reestablish a Russian presence in the area absent for many decades.
6) There has been very large energy deposits found in the Eastern Med, some in very iffy national territorial areas.
These are just a small list of things (many well known to the readers here) that exist now there. Next I shall list out the major players. A hint Sadr is one, but not as important as he and some in the media think.

James said...

The major players:
Donald Trump At this point unknown
Vladimir Putin The KGB past is something of a misnomer. He is said to be
deeply religious (Eastern Orthodox) and very pro Russian.
my opinion a strategic thinker of the first rank. I don't
like him, but I don't dislike him either.

Erdogan A fool and a bully, but a dangerous fool.
Khameini Sick and losing his grip on power with the attendant
jockeying for power in the background.
Solemeini Somewhat militarily gifted, very ambitious. Power base IRGC,
Quds and the majority of shia militia and hezbollah. All
outside of Iran.
Sadr commander of the one militia Teheran is trying to use as a
counter weight to Solemeini.
Israeli Prime Minister Wild card
Assad Creature of Putin