Thursday, December 28, 2017

Your New Year's Eve Date

Looking for a date for New Year's Eve?

OK, I know that you already have a date... with your spouse.

Just in case, The Daily Mail has done us the favor of looking through the offerings on the dating app Tinder... to bring us some of the most savory and charming prospects. What would we do without the Daily Mail?

At the least, the compendium of profiles gives us a sense of how young millennials like to present themselves for prospective dates. Consider these pictures a sign of the times. They come to us from English speaking nations around the world.

Here goes:

One lady admitted she was just looking for a bit of fun in a Tinder match

This lovely lady appeared happy to compromise on men who were less well-endowed

This bikini-clad lovely revealed her competitive side as she challenged daters to a contest in bed

While this lovely lass' profile picture looked distinctly civilized, her bio turned out to be much more cheeky

That's a sampling. You might be asking yourself whether this has anything to do with the current wave of workplace sexual harassment. I will let you figure that one out. 

At any rate, it's nice to see so many young women-- or should I say, very attractive young women-- respecting themselves.


trigger warning said...

Confederate Railroad wrote and performed a sadly underappreciated country song entitled "Trashy Women" (avail via YouTube). Good to know it has a semi-official website now.

Anyway, trashy women definitely have their place in the world. Sometimes a guy just needs a quick midweek zipless.

Anonymous said...

It does appear that the modern woman comes with the inherent risk of litigation and possible destruction of one's career and/or business. One should be careful on hearing the "bait" of sexual gain hit the water. More than one man has fallen prey.

Sam L. said...

Glad I am to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past that.

Ares Olympus said...

You wouldn't think a real person would put a real picture up that could threaten their future ambitions. Even without real names, or last names, even Facebook is getting pretty good in their face recognition. Of course the images don't look digital (not yet anyway), but they must be real people somewhere who took the photos.

Perhaps this is like a "local" version of the Russian women scam, but somehow they have to keep coming up with excuses why they can't meet up yet, BUT if you can just send them a $800 airplane ticket, they'll meet you in Hawaii?

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I have some suspicions about whether or not these pictures are real... but I do not know enough about Tinder to judge. On dating sites people often post older pictures, but I do not see the reason to lie with a false picture... because it cannot be too much fun to be rejected as a fraud. One is struck however by the fact that these women are very good looking... as though they cannot get dates without faux selling themselves on Tinder.

Ares Olympus said...

Agreed, they are too good looking to be selling male fantasy lines unless someone is paying them to do it. I also don't know anything about Tinder, but I'd as easily believe Tinder itself uses fake ads like that to pull men into their site. Most men will be understanding that each of these women got 8000 responses, and sadly they didn't make the cut, as long as she lets them down easy, while actually it's some 68 year old man writing rejection letters in her name to all 8000 men.

Of course this is also why I dislike the Daily Mail. Because they're selling something too, if only page view counts for their advertisers.

Anonymous said...

So why read the DM? Too plebeian, perhaps? But you do anyway. I like it. I think Prof. S does too. -- Rich Lara

Ares Olympus said...

Rich Lara: So why read the DM? .... I think Prof. S does too.

I do try to avoid adding to their article click counts as best I can. Stuart is certainly intelligent, so it does surprise me that he's so often enamored by it. I understand the desire to read from sources that seek to tell their audience what they want to hear. Now its about clicks all the way down, or as long as advertisers believe the numbers.

But you win, I'll login to Minnesota Plebeian Radio and give a 2017 donation. Did NPR and PBS really avoid being defunded by the GOP for 2018? I hadn't heard anything.