Monday, May 7, 2018

Democrats for Trump?

I’m a sucker for the counterintuitive. Even when it’s not my own counterintuitive. Today, the counterintuitive comes from Roger Simon, via Pajamas Media.

His thesis: that Robert Mueller is destroying the Democratic Party.

It would be an irony to end all ironies. In the narrative fiction concocted by those who believe that Donald Trump is the Antichrist, Robert Mueller is the Second Coming of Christ. Given that Trump is Evil Incarnate, they expect that Mueller will save the world and allow the New Jerusalem to descend on the earth. All that needs happen is that he destroy Trump. 

It’s a simple story. You know it well. It’s Biblical prophecy, of course. And yet, many on the left seem to have taken up residence in the book of Revelation. Considering how many of them reject all organized religions, it’s yet another colossal irony.

Anyway, Mueller's proponents believe, in the depths of their souls, that the outcome is foreordained. They report breathlessly on everything the Special Counsel is doing, and read it all into their narrative. They are convinced that it’s all leading to a giant crescendo, the fall of the Antichrist. 

It has never crossed their minds that Mueller might be a clown and that his investigation, as Simon suggests, will not be saving the world. It will not even be saving the Democratic Party. It will be destroying it.

It sounds like wishful thinking, but here goes Simon:

It would probably give Robert Mueller a nervous breakdown, not to mention James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the rest of the FBI cabal, past and present, but at this point the special counsel seems to be actually causing the reelection of Donald Trump.  Most of the country, other than the greed heads in the media and extreme Democratic Party operatives, no longer gives a hoot in Hades about the "Russia Probe."  They're frustrated and sick of it.

And yet, Simon continues, Democrats have fixated on the Russia collusion narrative and the Mueller investigation… to the exclusion of all else. No one knows what they stand for, no one knows their policy agenda. All everyone knows is: obstruct Trump, attack Trump:

Like a crackhead addicted to the next puff, Democrats and their media allies have spent most of the last sixteen months fixated on whether Trump somehow, some way, colluded with Putin.  Meanwhile, a zillion issues slipped by, some important, others less so, but the Democrats barely weighed in on anything, other than to whine about Trump.

What a dumb mistake.  And it was compounded by the assumption that the public agreed with them, which was true for a while, to some extent, but has now worn surpassingly thin.  It didn't help that the tedious late-night talk show hosts and SNL comics fixated on Trump as well, creating a perfect (but utterly useless) storm.

Mueller and the FBI were the ringmasters in all this along with their media friends whom we might dub the Leak Squad (not to be confused with the Geek Squad at your local Best Buy). This "righteous circle," if we can call it that, continually convinced themselves of the goodness of their calling, when in reality it wasn't a calling at all, but a complete of waste of time and a distraction from discovering what exactly their party stood for.

In the name of democracy the Democratic Party wants to undo the last presidential election. Will the ironies never cease:

He is the man of supposed great moral rectitude who promised to rid them of the obvious injustice of the last election.  Unfortunately, Mueller turned out to be an extreme moral narcissist who, consciously or not, led the Democratic Party down a primrose path of impeachment that could never happen and would inflate (slowly, but still...) Trump's poll numbers while assuring him a second term and giving plenty of cannon fodder to Republican congressional candidates once embarrassed by the president.  Everything is ironic.  

Six months from now we will see the first test of the Simon hypothesis. For now, it does not look too good for Republicans. And yet, at some point the public is going to tire of Stormy Daniels and Russian collusion. Whether they will naturally turn to Trump remains to be seen.

Anyway, it’s worth considering that the Democratic Party, in order to attack a president it considers to be deranged is acting like it is deranged.


Ares Olympus said...

I don't think Mueller is the problem so far, and I don't know anyone personally who is guessing the outcome against Teflon Don, but certainly the MSM has a PR problem with constant one-way criticism that can't acknowledge any positive credit. Hating on Trump has been their cash cow for 2 years now, and Trump has carried it all without taking one step backwards.

Michelle Wolf, for her offensiveness, called them out... "You pretend like you hate him, but I think you love him [because] he has helped you sell your papers, and books, and TV. You helped create this monster and now you're profiting off of him."

Derangement clearly is be contagious, but it also destroys the credibility of participants who can't step out of the bubble.

Sam L. said...

Monomania is delusional, and the Dems have it BAD. That's OK by me. Their feet are their biggest targets.

Ares Olympus said...

Sam L, I first observed this "true believer" derangement at the Paul Wellstone memorial in 2002, which foolishly allowed unscripted testimonies and Wellstone's campaign treasurer, Rick Kahn blindly implored everyone to vote Democrat to honor Paul's death. (It was extra stark since Paul went of his way to speak to all sides, and would never try to exploit someone's death to sway a vote.) Many people publicly admitted this emotionalism solidified their choice to vote Republican. The circumstances tainted Norm Coleman's victory as if he could only win by the death of his rival, and added to the drama of the 2008 recount loss to Al Franken that lasted 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Democrats. Such a foolish, silly lot.

How long they have spoken of Republicans and litmus tests. I can think of a group no more monolithic, totalitarian and vacuous than today’s ardent, activist Democrat.

This is the party that believes it has cornered the market in inclusion, diversity and kindness. Yet features none of these things beyond superficiality on camera. The party that says people are so much more than their labels viciously labels any and all who disagree with Leftist fundamentalism.

Unrestrained hysteria. All day. Every day.

Watching the undoing of the media is pure delight.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for quite awhile, I love how this is going. The Democrats are very likely making the biggest political mistake since the 1850's.