Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Impotent Thirtysomethings; It's an Epidemic

Here’s a puzzle for today. Why are so many thirtysomething British men suffering from impotence, i. e. from erectile dysfunction? Apparently this liberated generation, chockablock with patriarchal sexual predators who can’t keep it in their pants, is suffering from an epidemic of ED. Who could have imagined such a thing?

We note that it's not much better for the twentysomethings, where 35% are impotent.

The London Mirror reports the bad news:

Half of men in their 30s struggle to get an erection, studies have shown.

Surprise polling reveals this age group is most likely to struggle keeping it up, with 49% blaming stress and 24% blaming boozing too much.

Almost a third have broken up with their partner as a result.

Nearly half (43%) of men aged 18-60 across the UK are suffering impotence, with four in ten men blaming stress, followed by tiredness (36%), anxiety (29%) and boozing too heavily (26%).

Researchers polled 2,000 men for Coop Pharmacy and found largest affected age group of men with erectile dysfunction is those in their thirties, with half (50%) reporting difficulties getting or maintaining an erection.

This compares to 42% in their 40s, 41% in their 50s, and 35% of under 30s.

Half? 50%. This is the hookup generation, the let it all hang out generation, a generation that sees men and women as absolute equals, a generation brought up on a constant diet of porn. The result: half are suffering from ED.

Medical professionals think that this will be solved if only we have more public discussions of it. That is, more public humiliation. What would we do without experts?

In truth, the media has been offering up Viagra ads for decades now. Even a distinguished retired senator, Bob Dole, took to hawking the ED drug.

If we wanted to be churlish, we would also note that these young men belong to a generation that has been educated in a school system that is run by feminists. They have been systematically beaten down in order to make girls feel better about themselves. And they have been taught that their masculinity is toxic.

Might it be the case that they have learned their lessons, only too well? For all I know they face a choice between being sexual harassers and erectile dysfunction. And yet, for all I know, they improve their sexual function when they are behaving boorishly toward women.

And of course these men are dealing with strong, empowered women who assert themselves, who lean in, who know what they want and who insist on getting it. Did anyone imagine that a woman who leans in and who aggressively asserts her wants and needs is less attractive to men than a woman who deploys the feminine mystique.

Just a thought for today.


Anonymous said...

I would posit that once one takes the mystery out of sex and the opposite gender the more ED, and other problems both sexual and interpersonal, becomes a problem. The "theater of the mind" no longer has the space to create new and exciting venues when it comes to sex and much of life. I would also suggest that it is the reason that depression appears to be growing especially in younger people. When one takes the joy of discovery out of life life is truly demeaned. Even the joy of a beautiful sunset, a poignant piece of music or a baby's smile loses its ability to inspire. When one experiences every thing one does not truly experience anything of real value.
What makes life truly interesting is what one does not know. The joy of life is in its discovery and ultimately it mystery. I truly feel sorry for younger people who have had true jot taken away from them.

Anonymous said...

PLus the fact that obese women are not very attractive, plus that fact that chemicals in the water system have had a huge effect.

Anonymous said...

p0rn. Also known as pied.

Anonymous said...

I think many factors. Tons of ever more tech-advanced porn. Hormones and other chemicals in potable water, food, containers, maybe air.

Drugs & booze, of course,

Perhaps unknown unknowns.

Newly chaotic confused sexual relationships & self-identities, social mores, SJW campaigns.
I've read that sperm counts are Half what they recently were.

Also that herpes (incurable) lurks in nearly half the population.

Stress from unstable jobs, "gigs", enough money for basic needs.

I'm of the Golden Generation. It's harder for Millennials and younger. - Rich Lara

Anonymous said...

This might not help either:

Ares Olympus said...

We're really too trusting these days. Of course it's surprising to imagine age group of men are going to be honest when surveyed on such questions, so all honest surveys should estimate LOW. I see there's a theoretical source "Researchers polled 2,000 men for Coop Pharmacy."

Maybe here?

I suppose online surveys are more likely to get honest information, especially if anonymous, but how do you extrapolate 2000 anonymous men who may be polled because they're looking online for help with the general population numbers? I don't think you can because it can never be a random survey.

I'll use my cynicism and say the stats are likely crap, a PR campaign designed to help men feel less alone so they'll reach out and buy some drugs. And it could be a white lie, even if the actual figure is 5% rather than 50%, since those 5% are really suffering and we feel bad for them.