Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pajama Boy, All Grown Up

Guess what? Pajama Boy has grown up. He even has a name: Michael Rotondo.

Having camped out in his parents’ home for the past ten years, Rotondo has just been order to move out. His gracious and generous parents had put up with his sloth for all that time. They asked him nicely to move out. He refused, so they took him to court. A judge just ordered him to move out. Pajama Boy was evicted.

He didn’t pay rent. He didn’t contribute to the household. So, sayonara, Pajama Boy.

Tell me that that does not make you day? Do you see the symbolism?

In the meantime Rotondo did manage to father a son. He was not married or otherwise involved with the child’s mother. A fine, upstanding responsible human male.

The Daily Mail reports that his parents had already stopped providing food for him. They cut off his cell phone. They refused to let him to use the laundry facilities in the home.

At one time, he was working at Best Buy. He was fired because he refused to work on Saturdays. He is suing the company… because, how else do you make a living when you cannot do anything. As for college, he dropped out because he found it too hard.

The Daily Mail reports: did discovered that he used to work at a Best Buy, and that he is suing the company for discrimination, saying he was fired when he said he couldn't work Saturdays since that is when he had visitation with his child. He is seeking nearly $340,000 in damages, pay and attorney's fees from the big box store. 

He said he went to college, but didn't finish his degree. He started off studying engineering at Onondaga Community College, but switched to business when he 'couldn't hack the math'. 

As I said, Pajama Boy has grown up. Now, he is about to be homeless. Is he the pride of the millennial generation? Or is he just another symptom of what's wrong with America?


Sam L. said...

I wouldn't say "wrong with America", but certainly wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

The TV spot that make him famous was priceless. In the wrong way.

I only saw it once. It was yanked before it did serious damage. Most people never saw or heard of it.

Silly. Feckless. Unisex. Funny - bad funny. Wavy haired pale sprite in unitard fleece PJs gripping his mug of herbal tea - in both hands!

What was the ad about? -- Rich Lara

LordSomber said...

"Kids these days' is the perennial complaint, but honestly, today's parents are the biggest enablers of current social dysfunction.