Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Who's Afraid of Hamas?

Yesterday was a great day for Israel and a great day for America. To mark the occasion Hamas decided to invade Israel. It chose to sacrifice the lives of its subjects in order to rain on the Israeli parade and to gin up the outrage among more cowardly Western political and media elites. Hamas was not going to invade Israel. It was allowed, however, to invade the international media, to counterpoint the picture of comity in Jerusalem with images of its own form of suicidal terrorism.

To its credit, the Trump administration declared that Israel had the right to defend itself and that Hamas was solely to blame for the carnage that it had engineered. It's called speaking truth to power. 

Who’s afraid of Hamas? Not the Trump administration. We note that whenever the Trump administration does something that makes the Obama administration look like a failure, the media and the Western European intelligentsia immediately suggests that something very bad is going to happen. It’s a coward’s thought, suggesting that Trump is being foolish where Obama and Bush and Clinton had been wise. And yet, is it foolish to stand up to terrorism, to refuse to bow before a threat? Or is it courage? Did it cross anyone’s mind that the Palestinian territories have been a laboratory for terrorism and that the only way to stop the terrorism is to stand firmly against it, to refuse to blame it on Israel and the West.

Didn’t the Obama administration run policy on the premise that America's sins against Islam, its Islamophobia was causing Islamist terrorism? Isn't that why Obama apologized for American, denounced America's sins and expressed the greatest respect for Islam? Funny thing, many of the world's Muslim countries saw the pathetic spectacle and decided that Obama was weak and untrustworthy.

Didn’t the Obama administration believe that the Israeli occupation had caused Palestinian terrorism? Didn’t other administrations act as though such were the case? Haven’t successive American presidents tried to play honest broker between a legitimate government and a terrorist state? Hasn’t this policy emboldened terrorists around the world?

Obviously, the leaders of Western European governments, quaking in their boots over the threat posed by the Muslims in their midst were quick to denounce Israel. One expected as much from New York Times columnists like Nicholas Kristof and Michelle Goldberg. One was not disappointed Even the Israeli leftist publication Haaretz came out against Trump and Netanyahu. You will not be surprised to learn that no Congressional Democrats attended the Jerusalem ceremony.That's none, as in zero.

Think about it: the degenerate Hamas regime sacrifices the lives of its subjects for nothing… and the media, even Jews, blame Israel and Donald Trump.

As for Hamas, it was doing what it knows how to do. It was sacrificing human lives in the pursuit of a lost cause. It does not know how to run a government. It does not know how to provide prosperity for its people. It knows only how to manipulate their emotions and to turn them into martyrs. It does it because that’s all it knows how to do. 

True enough, Western European countries seem not to have gotten the message. Many leftist Jews seem not to have gotten the message. They should be thankful that Netanyahu and Trump have.


Malcolm said...

2 articles 1 video very informative




Sam L. said...

One has to wonder when will the Palis recognize that their "government" is getting them killed, all for show?

Ares Olympus said...
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Deana said...

Well evidence matters and if the Israelis were actually quashing the “protests” to dissuade such protests in the future then we would not see decade after decade of non-stop Palestinian “protests” and terrorist attacks.

If only the Israelis actually HAD done such a thing years ago then perhaps more young Palestinian youth would have reached adulthood instead dying terrible deaths in the service of their evil leaders.

I for one am so very happy to see Israel succeed. Who today spends any time trying to figure out what more could be done for the Palestinians who are perennially interested in sacrificing their sons and daughters?

Stuart is right - they do not want any part of a healthy functioning society. When faced with a choice, they choose death. The Israelis, on the other hand, choose life (with the notable exception of the progressive Jews). May God bless them!

Sam L. said...

Non-violence worked for Gandhi because his opposition was the British, who weren't trigger happy.

Ares Olympus said...
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Ares Olympus said...
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Ares Olympus said...

Maybe I can include a link to Bret Stephens? How about this sentence?
"No decent Palestinian society can emerge from the culture of victimhood, violence and fatalism symbolized by these protests."