Friday, May 11, 2018

Karl Lagerfeld Speaks

And now a few words from the Kaiser!

For aficionados of fashion, there is only one Kaiser: Karl Lagerfeld, the resident genius behind the House of Chanel.

But, you knew that already.

Anyway, Lagerfeld, a German citizen who lives in Paris, recently gave an interview to a French news magazine. In it, he attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her immigration policies. He went as far as to suggest that he might renounce his German citizenship and become French. There you have it.

What did the Kaiser say?

Did she really need to say it was necessary to welcome one million migrants at a time when France, which casts itself as the land of human rights, pledged to take in 30,00

What else did he say?

Again dismissing Merkel as a "pastor's daughter who can't accept the evil that Germany carried out after 1933," the designer accused her of fostering the emergence of the far-right Alternative for Germany party.

"The AfD didn't exist, yet with one sentence she made it exist by alienating two million voters and sending 100 of these neo-Nazis into parliament," he said, referring to the 92 AfD lawmakers who obtained seats in the Bundestag in last September's election.

"If this keeps up, I'll abandon German citizenship," Lagerfeld said, without indicating what he might trade it for, though he has gushed previously that "a new day is dawning in France" with the arrival of President Emmanuel Macron.

In another interview he alluded to the fact that a very high percentage of the new migrants are stone cold anti-Semites.

One cannot -- even if there are decades between them -- kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place.

Is he speaking truth to power? Not really. He incurs no risk for speaking his mind. He is too powerful himself, too influential in the fashion world. Thus, he can speak his mind, without fear of being banished from the pages of Vogue.


Anonymous said...

Pastor's daughter?
Or East German Stasi apparatchick?

Sam L. said...

As far as I can tell, from 5 or 6000 miles away, the AfD is "far-right" mainly because Germany is so far left.