Friday, May 18, 2018

Ted Cruz Attacks Media Bias about Hamas

You know and I know that if Ted Cruz were the president, the armies of the night would rise up to say that he is worse than Hitler. For that reason, we are especially interested in the Senate speech Cruz delivered yesterday about his trip to Jerusalem celebrating the opening of the new American embassy. And we note, with interest, Cruz's analysis of the way the mainstream media slanted the news of the Hamas uprising to make Israelis look like criminals and terrorists look like victims.


Anonymous said...

I am 100% pro Israeli with no apology. Alright Ted.

Sam L. said...

The media bias is so obvious. One more (unnecessary) reason to despise and distrust the media.

Deana said...

During the last election, I wanted Cruz to win for many reasons, but primarily because I would have so thoroughly enjoyed watching him debate Hillary. He would have made mincemeat out of her. Still I’m at peace with Trump winning. It is just that a Cruz / Clinton debate would have been delicious.