Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Bullying Epidemic in New York City Public Schools

You will recall, though you would probably rather not, that the Obama administration set down a new police about school discipline. Having found that a large number of minority children were being suspended for disruptive behavior, it decreed that said pupils should not be sent home. They should stay in school. The school should then try to integrate them into the classroom.

We recall how well it worked with Hektor Cruz in Parkland, FL. If we don’t, that’s because the hue and cry about the NRA obscured the issue.

In any case, the Obama administration declared that school discipline was racist. Thus, it tried to put an end to school discipline. The result: the school environment was degraded, teachers could no longer exercise authority, and children who were there to learn could not.

The breakdown in discipline has, not surprisingly, also produced far more bullying and harassment. The New York Post reports the situation in New York City public schools:

As city schools have gone soft on discipline, students are tormenting each other more than ever — both in person and online, according to a Post analysis of teacher-generated state data.

Staffers flagged a record-high 5,875 incidents of harassment, discrimination and bullying during the 2017-2018 academic year, according to state Education Department statistics.

That’s up more than 300 percent since 2013-2014, when there were 1,356 incidents, and a 60 percent increase from last year, when there were 3,660.

School safety-agent union President Greg Floyd blamed lax discipline — including a dramatic decrease in suspensions — for the soaring numbers.

“Bullies know there are no consequences anymore,” he said. “The kids we are supposed to be protecting are not getting protected.”

So parents are taking their children out of the schools. And the schools are obviously not serving the needs of the children who are there. Moreover, the bullying does not just stay within the school grounds. Children also take to social media to harass their fellow students. One suspects that those who want to be educated suffer the most:

Earlier this year, Queens state Sen. Leroy Comrie told state education officials that parents were fleeing his district because bullies were running rampant — and going largely unpunished.

A skyrocketing number of city students are also taking to the Internet to torment their classmates, the figures revealed.

Teachers reported a record number of cyberbullying incidents last school year, 1,242.

That’s up more than 600 percent since the state began collecting cyberbullying data during the 2013-2014 school year, when there were just 126 reports.

The only thing missing in this story is the cause. No one dares to mention which group of education bureaucrats got the idea that it would be good not to discipline disruptive children. And which one of them did not understand that if you allow such pupils into the school system everyone else will suffer. by the way, what do the teachers' unions have to say about all of this?


whitney said...

It's Madness. Can you imagine High School going on 24/7? That's what kids deal with today. They never get away from it. And just telling them to get off social media is difficult because they have been online since they were infants. They don't know anything else. You always hear of adults saying "Oh it was so much harder in my time." Not in this case, it was so much easier in my time

Sam L. said...

Can't say much about "harder" but "simpler" for sure!

UbuMaccabee said...

Krav Maga and heavy resistance training before and after school. When necessary, work as a team. Force the thugs to choose easier targets. Stop talking.

This thing cannot be fixed with policy; the culture is irreparably damaged. It's now just a matter of preparing your tribe for the showdown. Be the smartest and strongest tribe. A tribe can be a network of civilized parents, it doesn't have to be ethnic or racial.

Or, get beat. Get bullied.

BTW, Tom Wolfe pointed out how to get results with administrators decades ago. Mau-mau them. They are cowards and are terrified of noisy mobs.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” — Barack Hussein Obama

As for tribalism, Obama made it ethnic and racial. He put it all out there. Trump had nothing to do with it. Obama unleashed the tribal warlords, powered by historic grievances. Minorities must not be held accountable for what they do, because they have been “disrespected.”

I believe Hillary lost the election on July 7, 2016 when Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed Dallas police protecting a Black Lives Matter protest. He killed 5 officers and wounded 9 others — most fatal law enforcement event since 9/11. Johnson was angry at white people. All this, brought to you by Black Lives Matter. Obama and his allies empowered this group, and Obama himself publicly doubled down after this Dallas event, inviting BLM folks to the White House. To normal people he looked tone deaf. To my mind, BLM was a get-out-the-black-vote campaign, coordinated with the Democrat Big Media. The silent majority looked at this madness and said “No way.” Hillary was exonerated by St. James Comey earlier that same week, on July 5. Some breathed a sigh of relief, others thought it was corrupt. Then the Dallas shootings. Hillary lost.

Anonymous said...

The situation is much the same in the UK. The teaching profession (at least the more doctrinaire) and the unions are in denial. The only remedy is individual action by parents. The madness will get worse and worse until it eventually burns out.

UbuMaccabee said...

IAC, Obama was the tribal tipping point, IMO. Prior to that we might have gone the other way, away from a tribal identity society. Now we are out of one, many. It cannot be reconstituted except through a civil war, or a secession. I would never fight for a leftist and a tribal grievance army; I'd join the other side first.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Ubu, we are on the same side... should things continue the same way. 7.62 or 5.56. I have both. I will not submit. Never.

Obama was the mainstream political manifestation of what’s been going on in the universities. It flushed the crazies. Now we must defeat them. In a shooting war, if necessary.

They have showed us they will not negotiate, nor compromise, nor capitulate. That leaves few other options.

No American political leader of any persuasion will permit secession.

The Lefties believe in the power of their uncompromising ideals. Ultimately, I believe in something real. Bring it on. I say this not because of bravado. War is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for a reason. Yet when there are no other options...

UbuMaccabee said...

Ignatius, glad to hear we share all the unifying platforms. I’ve got everything covered in triplicate. When the zombies come, our common bond is ammo and interchangeable magazines. I’ll have something of value, just below petrol. And a wife who can shoot.

Agreed, secession will not occur. It is the most bloodless solution, but the Left craves bloodshed. They really do love death.

Krav Maga, tactical weapons training, and being among the cultural strongholds of American normals is going to be critical as the deadline nears. I’m 15 minutes from the Appalachians where there is an old tradition of resisting tyranny. The wife has strong friendships among the hill people.

Good luck to you and yours.