Thursday, May 2, 2019

Bringing Back Anti-Semitism

During the Obama years, any time any Muslim committed mass murder we were warned not to be Islamophobic. The religion of peace, as the hapless G. W. Bush dubbed it should not be held accountable for the acts of a few deranged souls. To which one was tempted to respond, that if members of the Muslim faith rose up and expelled all of the Islamists in their midst we would be more likely to concur.

And besides, don’t you know that Obama’s European handmaiden, the hapless Angela Merkel was doing God’s work when she invited hundreds of thousands of members of the religion of peace into her country. In so doing, she opened her arms to anti-Semitism. Great job, Angela.

The late lamented fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld lashed out against the Merkel policy at the time:

You cannot kill millions of Jews and then take in millions of their worst enemies afterwards, even if there are decades [between the events],”

Of course, the cognoscenti tell us that anti-Semitism has been fostered by the left, the right and the center. But especially by the right. Especially by President Trump, because he has been pro-Israeli. And because the maniac who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh and the one who did the same in California hated Donald Trump because he was too pro-Israeli. After all, if hating Trump is your game, you are more likely to hate his policies toward Israel. Trump hatred is fostering anti-Semitism.

And yet, when students at American universities inveigh against Jews and against Israel, they are doing it in the name of Islam, or better, in the name of Palestine. The feckless cowards who run these places meekly go along. It’s time that people stopped donating to these places.

Now, in a report produced by the German intelligence services, we learn that all of the fine law abiding Muslims that Merkel welcomed into Germany brought with them the contagion of anti-Semitism.

The report has largely gone unnoticed, so here is a summary offered by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies:

The German Agency for Domestic Security recently published a report on Muslim antisemitism in the country – a development that is unprecedented not only for Germany but for all of Europe. The report makes clear that Muslim antisemitism is a major problem in Germany. At long last, Muslim antisemitism in Germany has been officially detailed for the public.

The German Agency for Domestic Security (Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz) recently published a 40-page report entitled “Antisemitism in Islamism.” Never before has any European intelligence agency published a report on Muslim antisemitism. This report is a major break with the German past. It is the first official publication by a national body that exposes in reasonable detail the antisemitism originating in parts of the country’s Muslim community.

The report’s title doesn’t quite reflect its content. It was likely considered unacceptable – from a political correctness point of view – to give the report the more accurate title “Antisemitism and Islam.” In many (not all) of the quotes below, the word “Islamist” should be replaced by the word “Muslim.”

Islam has brought anti-Semitism back into Western Europe. It has done the same in America.

If one might be allowed a reflection, no Western nation has any idea about what to do to stop it. And to stop the problem with Islam. If they cannot figure out what to do, people are soon going to think that the Chinese approach is not all that bad.

As you know, the government of China has connected the practice of Islam with terrorism. It has responded by severely curtaining Muslim religious practices and has sent Muslims to forced re-education camps. Everyone is horrified at this approach. Jews in particular are denouncing it. And yet, if Islam continues to wreak havoc in the West, if its adherents continue to make anti-Semitism acceptable, at some point someone is going to think that maybe the Chinese are onto something. We recall that when the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman visited China a while back he uttered not a work against the Chinese policy toward its Uighur Muslim minority.


UbuMaccabee said...

Islam is a death cult. Always has been. Read any of the sources from the time it came out of the desert, waving a bloody scimitar. Cruel, crazy, slaving, raping, murdering savages. I’ve been reading Raymond Ibrahim’s new book, “Sword and Scimitar,” the last couple days. Quite the corrective for all the endless lies peddled by the idiots in our universities and in the media. Do not let them in. They are not like us. Do not let them in.

Islam is the problem. It is the most defective ROS (religious operating system) of all time. Imagine if Jim Jones was given military hardware by the Russians, and he led an army of religious conquest of all of South America. That is the modern equivalent of Islam’s origins.

sestamibi said...

Except that there are enough Chinese to make this stick, and their numbers allow them the luxury of not giving a shit about what the rest of the world thinks. The West is dying at its own hand as we continue to allow our women to compete with men and pursue power and money rather than limiting their choice to marriage and producing babies.

Anonymous said...

Sestaimibi is obviously very popular with the wimmens.

Sam L. said...

"Islam has brought anti-Semitism back into Western Europe. It has done the same in America." I'd say it's been in both for a very long time, but the Muslims have increased it. And continue to increase it.