Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Joe Biden Abandons Hair Sniffing, For Now

I’ve been wondering whether the story will just go away. As reported on this blog presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden has a hair sniffing fetish. He made it habit to walk up to women, to grab them by the shoulder, to immobilize them and to thrust his nose into their hair.

In a time when our “woke” young people are up in arms about rape culture, it seems suspicious that they could not recognize a simulated rape for what it is. Apparently, such considerations only apply to members of the other political party. Thus, immoral behavior is moral when committed by the left. And immoral behavior is a crime against humanity when it is committed by the right.

There, two parties, two sets of rules, two moral standards. And you were wondering why the nation is divided and subdivided.

Anyway, for those who missed the story, and for the commentators, on the left and the right, who proclaimed that hair sniffing had not the least whiff of a sexual suggestion to it, I will point out that women’s hair contain pheromones, that is, sexual attraction hormones. Sniffing hair is like snorting sexual attraction hormones. If you do not think that they is sexual, you have been living a very sheltered life, indeed.

As I also pointed out, those who watched the television show Orange Is the New Black recall the time when Piper and the ladies set up a business selling their used panties. Apparently, there is a market for them. And there is a fetish attached. It’s called panty sniffing.

Now, Politico and New York Magazine are drawing our attention to matters that are best left unmentionable.

Politico reported on Biden’s campaigning:

But after nearly a week on the campaign trail, including nearly a half-dozen events in Pittsburgh, Iowa and South Carolina, it appears Biden got the message. Gone are the episodes of canoodling with voters, replaced by a less tactile brand of retail politicking marked by selfies and more physical reserve than Biden is accustomed to.

Given that Biden is a fetishist and that controlling a fetishistic habit is not very easy, his advisory board has worked long and hard to teach him the virtues of self-control. And a new posture. And yet, New York Magazine reports, it hasn’t been easy. And it has not been forgotten:

He’s had to adopt a new selfie posture, with one hand holding the phone and the other firmly welded to his hip. But, so far, he appears to be getting it, as evidenced by his going a whole weekend without burying his nose in the hair of an unsuspecting adult woman.


MikeyParks said...

Adult women? Frotteur Joe likes girls too.

Sam L. said...

There's a reason he's been called creepy Uncle Joe.

Sam L. said...

I'm pretty sure he's HOOKED on sniffing hair.

TMK said...

They added "adult" to cover for the undeniable fact that Uncle Joe is a pedo. They know, but they hope you don't.