Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Joe Biden"s MAMA.

Joe Biden does not seem to be quite ready for prime time. Yesterday, he trotted out a new campaign slogan: Make America Moral Again. It took Jimmy Kimmel very little time to expose the absurdity of the slogan... whose acronym is: MAMA.

As Kimmel put it, Biden is not going to be selling a lot of MAMA caps.

Anyway, for those of you who didn't believe me when I suggested that the Democratic Party had become the Girl Party, here's more evidence.


Dan Patterson said...

The girl party.
Yes, but not in the classic sense; those are post-modern female-esque persons. Soiboi, neutero, soft-palmed teaching assistants, and other lost souls.
Citizenship carries with it an implied responsibility to be literate and well-read on matters of Constitutional rights, have a working grasp of logical argument, and provide safety and security for one's family.
Post-modern girls complete none of those implied requirements.

Christopher B said...

When did the Dems every think America was 'moral'? When the government was interning Japanese-Americans? When the government was prosecuting Communists? How about when Jim Crow and segregation ruled, and blacks were denied political rights? When the government was running wars in South East Asia? Developing and deploying nuclear weapons?

trigger warning said...

Go with it, Joe!

Sam L. said...

Next Trump cap text: "YO MAMA".