Friday, May 24, 2019

Theresa May Undermines Women in Politics

Remember when women's rights advocates were thrilling to the fact that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned an instrument of female oppression-- the hijab? Maybe you don't. 

At the time, Ardern's supporters were saying that she was showing what the world needs: in response to a terrorist attack on mosque worshippers she was showing that need more female leaders. Like Jacinda Ardern. Unfortunately, most people understood that Ardern's grandiose display of weakness would not inspire confidence in female leadership.

Now, we have the pitiful spectacle of the stubborn and incompetent Theresa May crying over the fact that she failed to lead her nation out of the European Union. When Margaret Thatcher was a wildly successful prime minister, she showed the women can lead as effectively as men. It was a great leap forward for women. 

Now, Theresa May has given it all away. Her failed prime ministership is a great leap backward for women. Nothing like few tears to demonstrate enhanced sensitivity and some extra special empathy. Even though said sensitivity did not work in May's favor when she needed to do her job.

Perhaps the long overdue May resignation was not as great a leap backward as was the candidacy of American's supremely incompetent fraud Hillary Clinton... but, whatever your politics, today is not a great day for women.

Her voice cracking, Mrs May said it had been the 'honour of my life' to be PM, and she hoped she would not be the last woman to lead the country


Anonymous said...

Poor Theresa! She look so sad.

trigger warning said...

Mr Boris Johnson, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

UbuMaccabee said...

I miss Margaret Thatcher. I hate wimps. And a wimp in charge is the very worst.

Webutante said...

Poor Thersea crying crocodile tears. My sympathies are much more with the country she purported to lead out of the EU and failed. Maybe Britain will recover her ineptitude. I pray so.

dfordoom said...

It's almost as if women were not suited to politics.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Rotherham and Brexit... symbiotic mega-issues in Britain that garnered a non-response from Theresa May.

As for women in politics, May didn’t seem to have empathy for the people she led. And as fir the tears, she must be terribly sad, frustrated and angry that the Brits didn’t see it her way. Now she’s out. Too bad, so sad.

One thing that is not getting much notice is how May blew a chance for Britain to be in a highly advantageous trade relationship with the United States. That’s what Trump offered her. As I recall, she gave a non-response, and then got angry/offended by something Trump said.

Boris Johnson now enters stage right, and he will deliver Brexit and get that American trade deal. The Brits will benefit, and there will be great rejoicing. Perhaps, in the end, the Right Honorable Ms. May made things a tad too complicated?