Saturday, May 18, 2019

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Them

Yes, indeed, that'll show them. Famed model Emily Ratajkowski stripped naked to protest the recent Alabama bill banning most abortions. You get the point. A woman who is against abortion rights will express her total outrage at anti-abortion legislation by taking her clothes off. Off the top and off the bottom... does that make it more or less likely that men (and some women) will want to see more anti-abortion bills?

 Piers Morgan has slammed Emily Ratajkowski for using the abortion ban as an excuse to 'self-promote' with a naked image


trigger warning said...

CNN Departure Lounge Newsflash:
Supermodel poses nearly nude! Virtuetwerking progress in Alabama!

Jimmy Olsen, call your office.

UbuMaccabee said...

She’s not naked. Fake news.

Sam L. said...

What does this being naked have to do with abortion? Not working for me. Perhaps it's just too simple for me to understand.

n.n said...

Gosnell's little chamber of abortions is not available. She'll still be forced to give birth once the child reaches the age or state of "viability". Although, in New York, Virginia, and perhaps other ethically urbane enclaves, she will have the choice to dispose, recycle, or neglect her child until she deems her a human life worthy of life.

Matt said...

Just another one of Hollywood's egotistic opportunist looking for a reason to strut her stuff..........NEXT!