Thursday, October 3, 2019

Diversity Makes Us Weak

China is moving full speed head on military technology. We are in America countering their thrust with our own thrust… toward diversity. 

Seriously. And you were wondering why nations around the world are rejecting the American governance model.

Here is a report by Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News, via Zero Hedge:

While China unveiled a new ‘doomsday’ nuclear bomb that can “strike the US within 30 minutes with ten warheads,” a top US General declared gender and race “diversity” to be a “warfighting necessity” against the homogeneous forces of China and Russia.

We’re truly screwed.

Billed as the “ultimate doomsday weapon,” the fearsome super nuke was displayed during China’s 70th anniversary parade in Tiananmen Square.

“The Dongfeng-41 is a 7,672 mph intercontinental ballistic missile that is said to have the furthest range of any nuclear missile and could reach the US in 30 minutes,” reports the Sun.

Meanwhile, in the United States, US Major General Lori Reynolds told 300 intelligence Marines at the 9th Annual Marine Corps Association and Foundation Intelligence Awards Dinner that “diversity” will make the difference in future war fighting.

“I believe a dramatic mix of talent, of all races, religions, backgrounds and genders will be the difference in the future,” said Reynolds.

She added that promoting diversity was crucial because it was an advantage China and Russia do not hold.

“We must talk about diversity as a warfighting necessity and tonight I’m declaring it essential to the information environment,” Reynolds said.

Earlier this year, Air Force Gen. David L. Goldfein also gave a speech in which he asserted that introducing diverse flesh colored band aids was a “warfighting imperative.”

I for one welcome our future Chinese overlords with open arms.

Q. E. D.


Sam L. said...

Sounds totally insane. Not surprising, though.

n.n said...

Diversity or color (i.e. low information attribute) judgment breeds adversity. It's one step forward, two steps backward. Progress. A noble cause corruption.