Saturday, October 12, 2019

Stormtroopers in Minneapolis

I have said it before, but it certainly bears repeating. Today’s Antifascist antiTrumpers are behaving like Nazi Stormtroopers, like the Brown Shirted street thugs led by Ernst Rohm at the onset of the Hitler years.

What was the Stormtrooper program? It began with public harassment. That involved harassment in the streets, in restaurants, in supermarkets, in department stores… wherever certain people went. Can you say Maxine Waters?

And then, it moved on to beating people on the streets, with clubs or bricks. As happened to one Andy Ngo in Portland, OR. Can you say Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland who ordered his police force to stand down in the face of Antifa radicals? No one will ever be prosecuted for these public assaults.

And then, the forces of disorder consistently try to punish any business that is associated with Donald Trump or his supporters. Think about Equinox, Soul Cycle, and, of course, Fox News.  Calls to boycott businesses, to boycott advertisers were integral parts of the Stormtrooper tactics. In this an organization like Media Matters is leading the charge.

And then, anyone who has ever been associated with Trump must be destroyed, or at least never allowed to hold a job. The Mueller investigation set out to destroy people for being on the Trump campaign, to drive them into bankruptcy and to defame their character. As you recall, the war against Brett Kavanaugh was mounted by people who were consumed by a will to destroy, a man, his wife and his daughters. It was beyond ugly. It was Stormtroopers all over again.

You might imagine that our own Stormtroopers have not gotten to the book burning stage of their rebellion. You would be wrong. The principle behind the Nazi book burning was that anything written by a Jewish writer was intrinsically corrupt and unworthy of any consideration. The obverse of this notion is called identity politics. Anything produced by a member of an oppressed class is intrinsically brilliant, and we who do not belong to such classes have no right to judge it. In addition, colleges and universities are hard at work ridding their curricula of the works of privileged white males. And they are starting to fill our museums with works from oppressed peoples, thus taking up space that would better have been used to show great art. (See New York’s new MOMA.)

To recall another horrifying moment in these Nazi tactics, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin proposed that the best way to cleanse the nation would be to incinerate all Republicans. Pouff. No more Republicans, Problem solved. Perhaps Rubin is not smart enough to understand that another word for a burnt sacrificial offering is Holocaust. But, her appalling ignorance should not be countenanced by a major American newspaper.

Similarly, in a frightening irony, those who call themselves Antifascist or Antifa do not know enough history to understand that they themselves are acting like the Stormtroopers of the Nazi Era.

One would like to think that this is all being produced by a fringe element. Every country has fringe radicals. Why should we not be an exception? In fact, most Stormtrooper tactics are either supported overtly by Democratic Party or at least countenanced by them.

On the Powerline blog John Hinderaker described the scene outside of the Minneapolis Target Center when President Donald Trump spoke two nights ago.

Thousands of lawless, violent Democrats “protested” Trump’s appearance by committing assault, among other crimes. They battled police officers. They attacked Republicans leaving Target Center. They set bonfires and burned patriotic regalia. They carried the flag of the defunct Soviet Union.

The America-hating left on public display. Just make sure that you never say that they are unpatriotic. Of course, these thugs assaulted Trump supporters. Hinderaker continues:
They spat on peaceful Trump supporters. They assaulted an uncounted number of normal citizens leaving the Target Center. They struck a woman across the head with a piece of lumber. They waved a sign that said, “Blue Lives Don’t $king Matter.” The Minneapolis Chief of Police reported, “Objects containing liquid believed to be urine were hurled at some of my officers along with bottles and rocks. Police horses were also assaulted by protesters striking them with sticks.”

From that Hinderaker concluded that these young radicals were acting like Nazis. And also, that they are the face of today’s Democratic Party.

These leftists are identical to the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. But make no mistake–they represent today’s Democratic Party. A sitting Democratic State Representative, Aisha Gomez (DFL-Minneapolis), was seen among the fascists, dressed in black like an Antifa hoodlum. And Minneapolis’s boy Mayor, Jacob Frey, who expressed regret that he could not legally prevent President Trump from visiting Minneapolis, and then tried to do it anyway, issued an order to the Minneapolis Police Department not to use any more chemical irritants on the mob of criminal Democrats. And not a single local Democrat has condemned the violence and disorder that took place last night.

Think about it… not a one….


UbuMaccabee said...

The effective action is for conservatives to allow themselves to be attacked by Antifa and capture it all on video. Showing pictures of black masked thugs beating old women will add to Trump’s vote tally. Antifa is a predictable entity and it can be used against them. Anything that portrays them for what they are and links them to Democrats is beneficial to the destruction of leftism. Someone needs to take one for the team, like Rudy in the “Bad News Bears.”

The right thing to do when under siege by these thugs is obvious and need not be said. I’d never vote to convict anyone who responded accordingly. But in our rotten culture and judicial system, anyone who uses lethal force to defend themselves from a mob is the criminal. The mob can kill you, and you must allow it in good cheer, is the current message. The police will casually watch you take a brick to the head. That is a consequence of the collapse of liberal democracy and the neglect of the rule of law. When Daley became the villain for refusing to allow the leftists to destroy his city, it was all over.

I support the right response, but I advocate for the effective response.

Krav Maga, weights, and advanced weapons training are the pursuits of the practical, modern man who desires to stay alive.

Ubu the Gunslinger

Sam L. said...

Of course there was none! Democrats MACHT FREI! (Mit fists, und bottles, und feet mit boots!)
Question: Do YOU feel safe in NYC, Stuart?

Anonymous said...

The 6 million are back,

UbuMaccabee said...

Anon, who in the world watches such rubbish except a small handful of white kooks (probably less than 20k nationwide) and a very large group of leftist activists who “research” white nationalism so they can manufacture hysteria about an imaginary thing called “the alt-right.” And how are Indians like anarchist punks? Indians would never put up with physical attacks; the Cherokee or the Iroquois would have buried axes and clubs in their heads—and scalped them to finish the job. Maybe we can get the Sioux to protect people after the events in Minnesota, they would make quick work of Antifa.

But if you think the mob is harmless or overstated, I have some suggestions for you where you can prove me wrong and wear a red Trump hat and a Trump shirt in public. Young Thug is coming to Atlanta on the 16th. Give it a try.

Sam L. said...

"Think about it… not a one…." The Dems hate us, yes, they do.

Anonymous said...

Ubu the Gunslinger, I thought that you'd like it.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

We need to decide whether elected or unelected people run our country.

Do the President and the Congress have the power, or is it lowly district court judges, the permanent bureaucracy or Antifa thugs?

So far as I can see, the President has been stymied at every turn by unelected people who have no accountability. Week after week, month after month, there is a new “scandal” that is positioned to “bring down Trump’s presidency,” with these fantastic allegations from peripheral nobodies. Comey, McCabe, Mueller, CBF, Charlottesville White Nationalists vs. Antifa, the Brennan/Clapper CIA/NSA/DIA, and now... an anonymous “whistleblower” who isn’t sure if he/she wants to come forward. All interference is timed for the weekend news cycle — every Thursday is game day. Like clockwork. Do your research. It all kicks off on Thursday, almost every time. This week it was Syria/Turkey.

It’s madness. We cannot govern our country this way. These are coordinated attempts by a “shadow government” to run the country through the Big Enemedia. Who could it be? My bet is it’s former Obama Administration officials en masse — likely led by Valerie Jarrett and The Messiah himself.

We are watching a bureaucratic coup. And we’re luck there haven’t been serious security threats during this time, or the meddlers would have blood on their hands. The bracketing of our troops in northern Syria might be the first real military step.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

This is the “Minnesota nice” Antifa.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm prepared to be ridiculed, but here's a truth:

The officers and crowd are volunteering (in a sense) and know what they are getting into. They understand. They may even know by now that the police will not protect themselves or the crowd.

But you know what infuriates me? The horses. They didn't ask for this job; they don't know what they are being led (ridden into) or they cannot rally or strike or even realize they can lobby the mayor and state legislature for preventative action.

If you're going to bring innocent animals into a place where they cannot leave and cannot fight back, and also cannot understand and take initiative for being there -- and quit if they don't agree -- that's animal abuse.

You talk to the mayor and tell him that both people and animals need to be protected.And if you're not going to let the animals out of harm's way when they are attacked by sub-humans, don't "use" them.

Ridicule away, but it is not a fair proposition. Go in on foot if you're going to do a job where you know you cannot fight back. Or God forbid, one of those NOT volunteering for dangerous duty (and putting up with a corrupt mayor and police chief) will get knifed one of these days. And yeah, that's animal abuse.