Friday, October 25, 2019

Is Transgenderism a Social Contagion?

The Australian Psychological Society has shown definitively that transgenderism is not a social contagion. This means, for those who know how to read between the lines, that it is.

Of course, definitive proof is a bizarre concept in the field of social psychology. We already know that many of the experiments conducted by these researchers cannot be replicated. Thus, are pseudoscientific falsehoods. When the APS tells us that it has refuted the social contagion argument, this means that it does not know what the word "refute" means.

The truth is, the increased hue and cry about transgenderism, the efforts to gaslight the nation into thinking that it’s real, has produced a significant spike in transgender chidren and adults. Yesterday I reported about the current case in Texas where a court has been trying to decide whether to allow a mother, a pediatrician no less, to mutilate her seven year old boy with puberty blocking hormones.

Whereas a Dallas jury decided to grant her sole custody, and thus license to do what she wanted to the child, the judge tried to split the difference by dividing custody. Currently, Texas governor Greg Abbott has asked the state attorney general to look into the matter.

A nation that routinely allows parents to mutilate children is in serious trouble.

As for the arguments from the APS, here is the summary, from its website:

APS Fellow Professor Damien Riggs said.

“To say that there is a trans-identity crisis among young Australians because of social media pressure is not only alarmist, scientifically incorrect and confusing, but is potentially harmful to a young person’s mental health and wellbeing.

“Claims that young people are transgender due to ‘social contagion’ serve to belittle young people by asking them to believe that their sense of self and their gender is nothing more than a by-product of what other people might think or say through the media.

“Further, describing awareness of being transgender as a form of social contagion implies that such awareness can be ‘corrected’ through psychological, medical or spiritual ‘conversion therapies’.

“There is no evidence to suggest that such approaches work in terms of changing a person’s gender. What such debunked ‘therapies’ do produce, however, are high levels of shame, disrespect and distress. So debunked are these ‘therapies’ that they are increasingly being rejected by policy makers and legislators across Australia in favour of affirming responses to transgender people,” Professor Riggs said.

Actually, a significant majority of children who take themselves to be transgendered change their minds upon reaching puberty. So much for the argument that it's hard wired into the organism.

On the other hand, if transgenderism is a delusional belief, no one has ever suggested that such beliefs respond to therapy anyway.

Note that the APS takes no responsibility for producing transgender children. It assumes that a child’s belief surpasses and cancels its biological nature. It wants us all to jump on the transgender bandwagon, in order to make those who have embraced this aberration to feel better about themselves.

In truth, and in fairness, these children and the adults they will become are clearly in distress. They are denying their biological reality, so why would they not feel distressed. If you imagine that they will feel good about themselves if the world entire and all the people in it recognized them for whatever they say they are, for whatever they believe they are… you have completely missed the point. People look askance at the transgendered because people understand that they are being gaslighted. In the end, reality will out. Sadly for many young people.

To be fair, saying that transgenderism is a social contagion does not mean that it is uniquely caused by the media. And it does not say that you are what other people think you are. Brainwashing is significantly more complicated than that. Besides, as psychologist Tasha Eurich has found, other people more often have a better sense of who we are then we ourselves do.

To reduce it to what other people think and say through social media, as the APS does, distorts the argument. The problem is interpersonal interaction, the viewpoint of those who hold positions of authority in society and the current insistence on shutting up anyone who doubts the transgender orthodoxy.

And we know, thanks to Ethan Watters’ book, Crazy Like Us, that the media can contribute mightily to various kinds of social psychological contagions. It did not begin with transgenderism and will not end with it.

I recommend a new article by Richard Fernandez on social media and transgenderism, from Pajamas Media. (via Maggie’s Farm) 

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n.n said...

The transgender spectrum ("rainbow") including mentally and/or physically divergent attributes (e.g. sexual orientation) from the sex-correlated, normally distributed masculine and feminine genders is a social contagion that targets adolescent and prepubescent children for transgender conversion therapy processed through indoctrination and/or medical/surgical corruption. However, since it's not a progressive condition, it can probably be reasonably tolerated. The problem is normalization (i.e. promotion) of attributes without redeeming value to society or humanity. The problem is, especially, selective, opportunistic, politically congruent ("=") affirmative discrimination under the established Pro-Choice quasi-religion ("ethics").