Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How Obama's America Reacted to Islamist Terrorism

When terrorists attacked in Paris in 2015 the Obama administration sprung into action. Since one attack occurred in a kosher supermarket, an interviewer asked President Obama whether the attack had anything to do with anti-Semitism. He refused to pronounce the words. What else did you expect from Jeremiah Wright's protege.

In Obama's words:

It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.

One does not recall very many of those who define themselves as warriors against anti-Semitism taking too much umbrage at these bigoted remarks. 

When you express your just outrage at Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about 9/11, namely, that:

Some people did something...

You should note that Obama paved the way. 

And then, the Obama administration sent notably pathetic Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris… to represent the administration. Kerry brought crooner James Taylor with him, and had Taylor sing his song, “You’ve Got a Friend.” In English. Then, to add insult to injury, Kerry said that the United States was sending hugs.

If you were looking for a portrait in cowardice don’t look any further. You will recall the absence of public outrage at the spectacle of America’s political leaders manifesting weakness and vulnerability. And openly make America look like it had no pride.

For some Parisians the final straw occurred last week when notable American artist Jeff Koons gifted Paris a sculpture to commemorate the attacks. In truth, we should be somewhat relieved that this piece of nonsense will be in France and not America.

Jeff Koons at the sculpture’s opening ceremony.Getty Images

As you know, Koons sculptures have sold for tens of millions of dollars. In case you were wondering why the world sees America as a malignant cultural influence, smoke on that one a bit.

As it happens, Parisian philosophers and art critics are taking serious offense at the Koons work. The New York Post reports:

But since “Bouquet of Tulips” was made public, some Parisians have been blasting the work as a total flop.

“Eleven colored anuses mounted on stems,” wrote philosopher Yves Michaud Monday in French magazine L’Obs, adding that he felt it was “in fact, a pornographic sculpture.”

French columnist Eric Naulleau criticized Koons for “imposing his poor bouquet of tulips” on Paris and tweeted Monday that the artwork was “dreadful.”

Other Twitter users were just as unimpressed.

“I find Jeff Koons’ kitsch neo-pop style totally devoid of interest,” wrote user Gilles Brandet. “His work is eye-candy for philistines.”

Another person tweeted that Parisians would “now think that tulips are large colored marshmallows.”

At the inauguration ceremony, which was attended by some families of the victims, the American pop artist called the flowers “a symbol that life moves forward” adding that they “represent loss, rebirth, and the vitality of the human spirit.”

Yes, indeed, we admire the wit and wisdom of Parisians. 

“Eleven colored anuses mounted on stems….”

“Totally devoid of interest….”

“Eye candy for philistines….”

Sounds like a throwback to the weak-kneed Obama administration. America does not just send hugs. It sends flowers that do not even look like flowers. 


Sam L. said...

"As it happens, Parisian philosophers and art critics are taking serious offense at the Koons work." As well they should!

Ya know, whoever put it there must have been French. They could have put in a place hard to get to. Or into a public urinal.

Anonymous said...

Reference to the hand holding a torch, from the French gift of the statue of liberty? Or the jolting final scene of Carrie, where her hand shoots out of the grave grabbing a bouquet?


UbuMaccabee said...

James Taylor and John Kerry > Henry Stimson. Whenever I feel down, I watch the video of James in Paris. It is so degrading for so many reasons and at so many levels. John should have brought Neil Diamond along for the second act. Trump towers over these weaklings.