Friday, October 25, 2019

Down with Anglo-Saxon Cultures

It is fair to say that we owe many of civilization’s great advances to Anglo-Saxon culture. Put America on the list, along with free enterprise, the Industrial Revolution, human rights, the Common Law and parliamentary democracy. In addition, for a time Great Britain stood alone against the Axis in World War II. And Anglo-Saxon cultures did not just defeat Nazism and Imperial Japan. They won the Cold War against Communist tyrannies.

We ought to have some appreciation of our Anglo-Saxon heritage. And we ought to know that the great totalitarian dictatorships of the twentieth century abhorred anything associated with its culture. Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger obviously hated Jews, but he also hated British culture, its habits and its quirks.

And yet, in our current mind warp, Anglo-Saxon is equal to white and white is bad, don’t you know? So a dour society of Anglo-Saxonists has decided to drop the name, because it believes that in so doing it will be fighting fascists. Let’s see, aligning yourself with those who fascism fought makes you a fascist. Evidently, these people are not very bright.

Fair enough, this society focuses on the culture that preceded the Norman Conquest, but still, they want to diminish and demean that culture on the basis of today’s crypto fascist hatred of all things white.

Charlotte Allen reports on this mind warp (via Maggie’s Farm):

On September 19, the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS), a 36-year-old organization of academics specializing in the history, culture, and literature of England before the Norman Conquest, hastily voted to change its name. Indeed, the vote was so hasty that the organization had no idea what its new name ought to be (it is soliciting suggestions from members). Nonetheless, the majority of its 600-odd members were certain of one thing: they no longer wanted to be associated with the words “Anglo-Saxon.”

In the view of many of those members, that term had become tainted, appropriated by an assortment of white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis that calls itself the “alt-right.” During the Charlottesville, Virginia melĂ©e of August 11–12, 2017, which included a supremacist’s murder of a woman by car attack, the white nationalists who marched had carried banners and standards incorporating iconography that, if not always precisely Anglo-Saxon in inspiration, was certainly medieval: Templar crosses, the double eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, and in one case, a Germanic rune beloved of neo-Nazis that was used during Anglo-Saxon times.

Now, this society is supposed to have some passing relationship with history. Apparently, its love of identity politics, its hatred of all things white, its love of all things fascistic has blinded it to the obvious. That is, that Anglo-Saxon culture counts as a world leader, having conferred more tangible benefits on human beings than most of the others.


Anonymous said...

Long live the ID!!!

Sam L. said...

Just you wait! But first, read the poem: Kipling's "THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON"