Monday, October 5, 2020

Suing the Gender Identity Clinic

What does it mean to consent? To limit the concept's scope today, we all understand that an underage child cannot consent to have sexual relations with an adult. Even if a sixteen year old girl consents to have sex with an adult male, her consent is considered to be null and void. The male would be subjected to a charge of statutory rape.

I trust that we all agree on this point.

And yet, in our currently woke culture, if a female child declares herself to be a boy, clinicians have the right to prescribe puberty blocking drugs-- that is, biochemical mutilation. They can compound the problem later by prescribing opposite-sex hormones and even accepting that the child, if she is female, undergo a double mastectomy, thus, surgical mutilation. 

We do not know how often this happens. But, once is more than enough. In Great Britain, the practice is now being placed before a court. A woman whose autistic daughter is persuaded that she is a boy wants to stop the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock Clinic from prescribing puberty blocking hormones.

Note two things: in the past the Tavistock Clinic has notably advanced the psycho analytic cause in England. And we underscore that the girl in question is on the autism spectrum. She is not the only autistic child who has suffering mental and biochemical abuse at the hands of so-called physicians.

The Daily Mail reports on the case:

A mother taking a gender clinic to court to prevent it giving sex-change drugs to her autistic daughter says she wants to prevent youngsters making 'catastrophic' decisions that they live to regret.

The woman, who can only be called 'Mrs A' for legal reasons, fears her 16-year-old daughter will be fast-tracked for transgender medical treatment once she is seen by clinicians at the Gender Identity Development Service in London.

She says they will simply 'affirm' the girl's belief – mistaken in her mother's opinion – that she is really a boy. In reality, Mrs A believes her daughter's desire to be male is driven by having Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism.

'This is bigger than just my child. The whole narrative is that if your child is confused about their gender, then transition is the only course of action,' she told The Mail on Sunday. 

'There doesn't seem to be any discussion of other possibilities. And that's quite frightening.'

Ought we not to underscore that gender dysphoria, to use its more clinical term, is a belief, and nothing but a belief. No one has yet to discover any biological basis for the belief. 

So much for the idiots who are running around saying that we must trust the science. When it comes to transgenderism, they act like they have never heard of science.

As it happens, the Tavistock Clinic has been handing out puberty blocking hormones to autistic children for years now. It has been abusing vulnerable and easily manipulated children. Isn’t anyone but Mrs. A calling our their behavior?

The report continues:

In July 2018, the MoS revealed that 150 autistic children had been given the 'puberty blocker' drugs by GIDS.

Mrs A is one of two women taking the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs GIDS, to the High Court to stop it prescribing the powerful 'puberty blocker' drugs to those under the age of 18.

The medication halts a child's normal physical development during puberty, making sex-change surgery easier.

Some experts say they give children time to reflect on whether to press ahead with further treatment. But studies show the vast majority of those who take them move on to 'cross-sex hormones' such as testosterone for those born female.

After puberty blocking hormones come cross-sex hormones, which produce irreversible damage to the human body. Why are feminists not up in arms about a practice that routinely mutilates the female body?

I will add, as you might know, a large percentage of children who believe themselves to be transgendered change their minds when they get older. 

For those who have undergone the prescribed treatments, it is too late.

Taking the hormones can cause irreversible changes, including loss of fertility, and are a stepping stone to sex-change surgery.

The other applicant in the case – which will be heard this week – is IT engineer Keira Bell. The 23-year-old was put on puberty blockers as a teenager after telling GIDS staff she thought she was really male. 

She later took testosterone, which left her with a deep voice and possibly infertile, and underwent a double-mastectomy – all actions that she now 'deeply regrets'.

Court papers drawn up by solicitor Paul Conrathe, of Sinclairslaw, show Ms Bell and Mrs A are seeking a judicial review of GIDS's practice of prescribing hormone blockers to under-18s. In them, they argue: 'The age and immaturity of the child make consent impossible.

Thus, the question involves consent, consent offered by a child.

The court documents argue thusly:

'A child (typically, but not exclusively, in the 11-14 age range) who is in the early stages of puberty is not capable of properly understanding the potential lifetime loss of fertility, loss of sexual function, or the unknown psychological consequences that may be entailed by such treatment.'

Warning of the implications of taking the drugs, Mrs A said: 'If you start a child on puberty blockers – and nigh-on 100 per cent of them go on to take cross-sex hormones – then you are almost putting them on cross-sex hormones there and then. You are setting them on the path of medical transition.

'How on Earth can a child consent to a possible loss of fertility? How can they consent to potential loss of sexual function, when that's something they can't even remotely comprehend yet?'

Mrs. A continues:

While about 40 per cent of GIDS patients are given puberty blockers, Mrs A fears such a move is a 'foregone conclusion' if her daughter goes to the clinic.

If her daughter still wants to transition when she becomes 'a fully-formed adult' after turning 18, she says she will support her decision.

A spokesman for the Tavistock trust said last night: 'GIDS is a safe and thoughtful service which puts the best interest of its patients and their families first.

'We won't comment on the ongoing proceedings and await the judgment of the court in due course.'

In America the courts will eventually need to put a stop to this. Perhaps Great Britain will lead the way. One good start would be to suspend the licenses of the physicians who are mutilating autistic children. And, unless we have, as a culture, decided that we have no problem with mutilating children, these physicians should be in jail.


whitney said...

The tragedy is it will never be enough. If every uncomfortable bad feeling causes you to look for and execute a drastic change the obvious end point to this ever escalating behavior is suicide

Fredrick said...

"In America the courts will eventually need to put a stop to this."

The state and federal legislatures need to put a stop to this and save the court the trouble. The fact they haven't done so yet is troubling.

Sam L. said...

England is circling the drain, and speeding up.

Anonymous said...

"Ought we not to underscore that gender dysphoria, to use its more clinical term, is a belief, and nothing but a belief. No one has yet to discover any biological basis for the belief."

Their beliefs = science, no matter how irrational. Everyone else's beliefs are debunked and evil.

Anonymous said...

"The medication halts a child's normal physical development during puberty, making sex-change surgery easier."
I thought sex was determined by chromosomes. How do you change chromosomes by surgery?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

This just in... puberty isn’t easy. For anyone... male or female. It is THE coming-of-age experience we ALL have.

It’s something you have to go through, and there’s a path forward on the other side. No person wants to relive it, no parent wants to relive it.

I’m convinced that puberty is the event that produces a “chrysalis effect” in the human individual experience. Just like the developmental transformation that occurs around the “terrible twos.”

The idea that we’ve dignified butchery and chemical transformation as “medicine” to liberate the human person from something perfectly natural is disgusting.

The only reason the Left favors transgender treatment is that it is a big “#$&% you!” To society writ large. Otherwise, they would give a $#!+.

jdgalt said...

I have known people as long as 30 years ago who got gender reassignment surgery and were happy with the outcome. But most of them made the decision in middle age.

And one thing they all had in common is that before any doctor or clinic would even give them hormones, much less do any surgery, the clinic would insist that psychologists interview and analyze the patient enough to thoroughly understand him/her, including why he/she would want to undergo a sex change.

In this regard a sex change is a form of cosmetic surgery, not unlike a facelift or tummy tuck. Just as with those procedures, many people who get the surgery are disappointed afterwards and wish they could simply undo it -- and in many cases when they realize the surgery is irreversible, they sue the doctor for malpractice, saying he should have refused to treat them.

And in some cases they are right. A lot of the people who seek these surgeries have unrealistic expectations that changing their looks (or their sexual equipment) will miraculously improve their social lives and make them feel good about themselves. The #1 reason that the doctors insist on the psychological screening is to weed out clients with these expectations, and thus prevent most of the lawsuits.

It is only when health insurance companies -- and national health services -- began to cover gender reassignments that substantial numbers of people started getting them without first going through the psychological screening. And that, to me, is the problem. So don't outlaw sex change procedures, but do declare them cosmetic and stop covering them in taxpayer-funded or even government-required insurance plans. This will not only eliminate most of the harm they do, but will cut a whole category of freeloaders out of your and my health insurance costs.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

This comment is an appalling misrepresentation of reality. Puberty blocking hormones are biochemical mutilation. Surgical mutilation and a lifetime on cross sex hormones is not cosmetic. As for those who are happy with the surgery, see these posts, from this very blog.

Unknown said...
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