Saturday, December 5, 2020

Europe Keeps Schools Open

While America’s academic idiotocracy is working to dumb down America’s schoolchildren, the story is different in Europe.

In order to destroy the American economy and to elect Joe Biden to the presidency, local school districts have shut down schools. They must think that the dumber the children are the more likely they will be to vote Democratic. Don’t think that there is no method in their madness, and in their incompetence.

In the meantime, schools around the world, especially in Europe, have been open. Michael Birnbaum says that the European schools have been a laboratory. Europeans have kept their schools open, with no negative effect, pandemic-wise.

Writing in the Washington Post, Birnbaum reports:

When European schools reopened their classrooms in the spring, after the first wave of the coronavirus had crested, some parents expressed concern their children were being used as “guinea pigs” in a dangerous experiment.

But to the extent that European schools have acted as laboratories for the world, the findings eight months later are largely positive. Most of Europe kept schools open even during a worst-on-the-planet second wave of infections this fall. And still, schools appear to be relatively safe environments, public health officials say. As long as they adhere to a now-established set of precautions — mask-wearing, handwashing, ventilation — schools are thought to have played only a limited role in accelerating coronavirus transmission in Europe.

Those conclusions contrast sharply with the prevailing wisdom in the United States, where public health officials have focused on low rates of positive coronavirus tests in the broader community as a prerequisite for in-person schooling. Some U.S. school districts recently announced they are going remote again, as coronavirus cases rise, and other districts have yet to reopen their classrooms at all.

“It is still difficult for me to understand why schools are closed in the United States,” said Otto Helve, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare who has studied coronavirus transmission in schools. “Schools are not driving the epidemic.”

It is difficult for everyone to understand why school systems, all of which are being run by local liberal politicians, cannot be opened in America. The answer seems to vary between stupid and incompetent and-- they just don’t give a damn.

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whitney said...

"It is still difficult for me to understand why schools are closed in the United States,” said Otto Helve"

It's 100% the teachers unions. They've discovered they can get paid and not have to deal with the children. It does sound like a nightmare job to me. I definitely understand the motivation