Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Normalizing Gender Reassignment

Her name might not be familiar, but Keira Bell was the subject of a recent lawsuit in Great Britain. Last week Britain’s High Court decided that a gender identity clinic had overstepped its authority by prescribing puberty blocking hormones to a teenage Keira Bell, after inducing her to believe that she was really a male. Link here.

Hopefully, the case will mark the beginning of significant pushback against a transgender rights movement that is systematically inducing children (especially female children) to change gender.

Now, Sarah Vine declares in The Daily Mail that it’s a scandal that no one defended Keira Bell when she was deciding to lose her womanhood. And Vine remarks that this practice is not of recent vintage. Clinics have been promoting gender reassignment for nearly ten years now.

How is it happening that transgenderism has become normalized to the point where no one is allowed even to question its dogmas?

Consider this: yesterday the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a case brought by parents of adolescent children against school districts that allow children to undress in opposite sex locker rooms, and perhaps even showers. The case had been decided by the 9th Circuit, which claimed that male children who believed they were female could undress in the girls’ locker room. Presumably, girls who believed they were boys could undress in the boys’ locker room. 

Keep in mind, the Court now has six conservative justices. What happened to their minds?

This is pure folly. Every parent knows it. Every teenage girl knows it. And naturally, all things considered, we do not expect too many trans boys to start undressing in the boys locker room. The policy is arrant stupidity, and yet the Supreme Court does not have the good sense to hear the case or to overturn it.

We are up in arms, and rightly so, about child molestation and now local government officials are allowing boys to enter girls’ locker rooms. This is how transgenderism becomes a life style choice.

As is happening with the coronavirus vaccine, the United States is well behind Great Britain in this matter.  

Sarah Vine points out that the prefrontal cortex does not enter its stage of adult development until a child is around eighteen. Allowing a child to make such decisions is an instance of judicial perversity.

She explains:

It’s hard enough for most adults to make sense of, let alone someone who lacks a fully developed frontal cortex.

That is why, now more than ever, it is vital for adults to be the voice of wisdom and reason in young people’s lives. To challenge and above all offer protection against the worst excesses of the modern world. They will probably hate you for it now. But in the long run they will thank you.

Perhaps if the adults around Keira Bell had shown more strength of character, she would not be where she is today.

Of course, taking a stand against gender reassignment risks being showered with social media opprobrium. And you know that the nation’s tech titans, while they are up in arms censoring Republican and conservative speech, have no problem allowing trans rights speech on their sites.

Vine explains the social media campaign, which claims that it’s all therapeutic:

Social media platforms are full of powerful influencers promoting notions such as ‘freedom of self-expression’ and ‘empowerment’ in these narrow terms. 

Videos of young people proudly showing off their ‘top surgery’ garner thousands of views and likes. The overall impression is that altering one’s gender is as straightforward as choosing a new pair of jeans. It is not.

This perhaps explains the huge spike (up 3,000 per cent, according to GIDS) in young people presenting with gender dysphoria. 

Pressure groups such as Mermaids and Stonewall claim that, thanks to their work, these youngsters are simply finally able to express their true selves. 

That may indeed be the case in some instances. But for many, such as Keira, the experimentation of youth will haunt them until the day they die.

Free self-expression via mutilation. It’s a frightening prospect, and perhaps the tech giants should reconsider what they allow on their sites. Right now they are facilitating child mutilation.

As for the treatment, Vine describes what happened to Keira when she started taking puberty blocking hormones:

Keira is the brave young woman who last week won her case in the High Court against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust – which runs the country’s only gender identity development service (GIDS) for children – to halt the use of puberty blockers.

Since 2011 the clinic has been prescribing these drugs – the same used in the chemical castration of sex offenders – to children as young as ten. Keira was one of them.

A vulnerable girl who suffered anxiety and social isolation, she was referred to the clinic at the age of 16 where, after just four assessment appointments, she was started on a year’s course of puberty blockers.

As a result, she entered the menopause. After 12 months she began injections of testosterone. 

Her voice deepened, she grew facial hair and lived as a young man. The final step was a double mastectomy. 

By the age of 20, without ever having truly experienced what it means to be a woman, Keira’s identity had been altered for ever.

Except Keira, now 23, does not want to be a man. Indeed, she thinks she probably never did, but was simply struggling with mental health issues. But her fate is sealed. Which is why she decided to take on the clinic.

The social media companies that are perfectly willing to shut down any suggestion that Hunter Biden has been corrupted have no problem allowing children to be influenced into mutilating their bodies-- beginning at around age ten.


Sam L. said...

"How is it happening that transgenderism has become normalized to the point where no one is allowed even to question its dogmas?" The Left hates, Hates, HATES normals.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the wounds caused by this mutilation try to heal and so men who go thru the surgery to create a simulated vagina must keep that wound from closing. Doesn’t matter if it has a scabbed over and been covered by skin. It is. Not a normal opening and the body reacts accordingly. Like pierced ears. If you don’t continue to wear earrings, then openings close.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the Supremes declined the case because there was no legal basis. Terrible laws can be perfectly legal. Good causes can be poorly argued. The Supremes don't jusr swoop in like Mary Poppins and change laws. That would be legislating from the bench. In cases like this they are sending the issue back to society and the community that put these policies in place, which is where this discussion has to take place. A large part of this issue is the weakness of parents and professionals in the face of self-appointed experts and weaponized peer pressure.